Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Living Room Performance: Best Coast - "Baby I'm Crying"

Best Coast - "Baby I'm Crying"

Southern California based Best Coast offers up this soulful ballad from their latest Fade Away EP. A wonderful contrast to their more guitar pop tunes, this track reveals a sweet vulnerability and further fleshes out this band.
A LiveAudio recording, this session was captured with a binauarl microphones set up for an immersive 360 degree field of sound. Developed to provide listeners with a more authentic live sound experience, the microphones are built into the heads of human dummies and factor in the way sound travels at different rates of speed to each ear. The result is a three-dementional sound best experienced through head phones of a Jambox speaker and offers the audience a true audio picture.

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