Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Pick: Saint Warhead @ Branx 05/10

Friday, May 10th
Saint Warhead
IAME / Quiz Zilla / Bad Habitat/ Tawk Sicc
320 SE 2nd Ave
Doors: 8PM
Cover: $5 or $10 with CD
21 & Over

Hip Hop versus zombies, why wouldn't you go to this show? Admit it, you got a thing for the the undead, whether its World War Z, Romero's classic films, or you've just hopped on to the Walking Dead band wagon the mobs of shuffling corpses have your attention. Saint Warhead knows it's true, and with aggressive beats and lethal rhyme attacks he's going to take out as many of the rotting bastards that he can before becoming one himself or eating a bullet.

Celebrating the release of his latest album #Zombie Kisses, Saint Warhead has amassed some of the best hip hop in Portland for the occasion. This should be one of the record books. With a stage set for a  high caliber line-up that includes IAME of the Sandpeople, wise beyond his years Quiz Zilla, Portland's favored sons Bad Habitat, and the suave Tawk Sicc this night might in fact raise the dead. Just to warn you though, don't be surprised if you glimpse one of the cursed among the crowd. Word gets through the graveyard like guts spill through teeth and with no cover for zombie ladies and undead dancers, you might want to keep a tight hold on your brain pan. So take precautions, but don't miss this show and if tonight is the start of the zombie apocalypse make sure to go for the head.