Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Living Room Performance: Sirsy - "Revolution"

Sirsy - "Revolution"

Revolution Hall

Troy, NY


The guitar and drum duo of Sirsy have been rocking their powerful but minimalistic rock n roll for over a decade. Based out of Albany New York this band has extensively toured clubs and venues throughout the Midwest and East Coast and also held opening slots for numerous big name acts.  Awash with their signature two part rock, their latest album Coming Into Frame is finding acclaim and praise. This spring you can catch them touring the West Coast with dates in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.  Unfortunately, we won't be seeing them this far north but there's always hope for their next time around.

From the Shelf: Bleached - Ride Your Heart (2013)

Ride Your Heart
Dead Oceans

The sun baked surf garage of Bleached’s album Ride Your Heart is filled with ruckus summer fun songs. The dream like vocals of Jennifer Calvin floats through these grunge lovely garage tunes like the refreshing breezes through car windows on a night drive. Paired with crunchy phase jangled guitars and tightly precise bare bones percussion these tunes are lighthearted masterpieces.
Energetically fun and danceably pervasive the album effortlessly combines the endless summer carefree nature of California surf with the DYI attitude of an East Coast garage band. Like early Go Go’s, this album might not start an intellectual or emotional revolution but sometimes you need an album that’s just fun, and this one has it in spades. Noteworthy tracks include the driving guitar energy of “Waiting By The Telephone” and "Searching Through The Past”.
Made for house parties or road trips to the coast Ride Your Heart is the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2013.