Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Triple Crown: 01/16 - 01/29

Filled to the brim with some amazing shows this Triple Crown is sure to have a concert for everyone. There's an old favorite, a local favorite, and a little bit of soul to make it all so good.

Tuesday, January 24th
Concrete BlondeMenkena
Star Theater
13 NW Sixth Ave
Adv.:$25/Day Of:$30
21 & Over

Like most, the first time I heard the Concrete Blonds was in a dorm room, the pungent mix of incense and bad beer thick in the air. There was something beautifully primal about the voice of Johnette Napolitano that blew my mind, something in her music that echoed of the tarnished industrial sprawl of the real Los Angeles. Like the Novels of John Fante set to a post-punk soundtrack the Concrete Blondes have spent the last 3 decades telling musical stories wonderfully tragic and rich with details. Thankfully time has only seasoned Napolitano to perfection not only as a song writer but also as a singer making this rare opportunity to see her with the band that much more wonderful. Opening the night is Menkena whose dream like music is rich with bold instrumental strokes.
So whether you're a long time fan or are just in need of a good concert make sure you get your tickets early.

Friday, January 27th
Michael Dean Damron
The Blue Monk
3341 SE Belmont
21 & Over

The soul and music of Micheal Dean Damron lies somewhere in the mix of Barkersfield country outlaws, LA punk clubs and the rain drenched streets of Portland, Oregon. With heartbreaking songwriting that is both beautifully brutal and painfully honest Damron's songs walk a thin line between a survivor's story and cautionary tales. He is quite possibly the greatest of musical diamonds in the rough of Portland's amazing music scene. Live, Damron is wonderfully unpredictable. With a show that can range from the hardest howling rock show you'll ever see to a mournfully acoustic set that feels like the best whiskey soaked conversation you've ever had. This show should be extra special as it's being recorded for a live album so Damron is sure to be joined by some of his amazing musical friends. The pure anticipation of it all, makes this intimate show at the Blue Monk that much more exciting and a perfect candidate for this Triple Crown.

Saturday, January 28th
Alabama Shakes
Quiet Life
Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside
Adv.:$9/Day Of:$10
21 & Over

For those of us raised in ear shot of our parent's Motown vinyl there's something wonderfully comforting about the music of the Alabama Shakes. Powerfully reminiscent of 60's area Aretha Franklin, Carol King and Mister Otis Redding himself, the Shakes play that sweet smooth soul that makes you ache deep down in your bones. Brittany Howard's voice is a compellingly raw thing that over takes your scenes and when paired with the tightly constructed groove of her band takes on the strength of a force of nature. No matter your taste in music this band is one not to miss. So even if you can't make it to this show, though hope you can, keep your eyes peeled for their debut album slated for an April release.
Sharing the night is Portland's own Quiet Life whose rustic rock has a classic feel of it's own like tracks from a record by The Band or early Grateful Dead. Unique in their own way this match up should lend itself to a great night of music. So grab a friend and finish off this week of music strong.