Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: Ed Sheeran "Give Me Love" & The Back Keys "Tighten Up"

"I have, he went on, betrayed myself with belief, deluded myself with love tricked myself with sex." - Charles Bukowski - 5 dollars.

You have to wonder if Chuck was right, have we all got it messed up in our heads what love is really about. Maybe after years of listening to heartbreak on the radio and our stereos we don't know anymore. Either way this week's Tuesday Double Feature is all about the wonderful and maddening mess that love can be.

Ed Sheeran - "Give Me Love"

Personally I have to admit that, Uk based singer songwriter Ed Sheeran, has a few strikes against him. Having worked with Taylor Swift and written songs for One Direction, normally I wouldn't give him a second glance. Thankfully, I can look past most things if the music is good and there is no denying the true mastery of this young man's craft. June will see him playing a few select dates in US and Canada supporting Taylor Swift so unfortunately if you don't have tickets your out of luck but I'm hoping that sometime soon we'll catch hime playing some smaller venues on his own.

The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"

I know The Black Keys are now all over the radio but some of us have loved the band since their first release in 2002. If anything their success, gives me hope that so many other great independent bands will find their place among the mainstream. If those bands are smart, they should take notes from The Black Keys, and work hard and stay hungry because for all their fame and fortune you don't want to become out of touch like U2.