Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: He's My Brother, She's My Sister"Lazy Daze" & Walk Of the Earth "Gang Of Rhythm"

Sometimes the Tuesday Double Feature has no rhyme or reason and it just happens to be one of those weeks. So just take a few minutes for yourself, sit back and enjoy.

He's My Brother, She's My Sister - "Lazy Daze"

The gypsy folk of He's My Brother, She's My Sister has an energetically danceable sound that's makes you want to be on your feet wild with the rhythm. They will be play this Thursday night at our own Mississippi Studios in support of the Parson Red Heads. Come out and enjoy their wonderful live show.

Walk Off The Earth - "Gang of Rhythm"

I have to admit that I've been addicted to Walk Off The Earth since watching the video for their a capella beat box version of Taylor Swifts "Knew You Were Trouble." Not to mention that I have a little bit of a musical crush on Sarah Blackwood from her work in The Creepshow and her solo projects. Their new EP R.E.V.O. is a golden nugget of originals well worth a listen.