Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: Millionyoung "Lovin" & Blues Foundation "Lost"

This weeks Tuesday Double feature we're getting all Film Studies 101 on you with two videos that explore the themes of infatuation and lust.

Millionyoung - "Lovin"

Mike Diaz the heart, mind and body behind Florida based Millionyoung produces an ethereal synth-pop with sun faded guitars and arcade beats. His latest album Variable dropped just last  month on Old Flame Records and is now streaming at Consequence of Sound

Blues Foundation ft. Sara Savery - "Lost"

Best known for their addition to movies like Micheal Mann's Miami Vice and the Twilight saga, Brooklyn based Blues Foundation makes vertigo inducing dream pop. This latest release is filled with the dark nocturnal mists that swirl in the deeply primitive regions of the human psyche. Boiling with lust and animal like instincts this track is boldly addictive in part due to Sara Savery lovely vocals. A collection of remixes In My Mind I Am Reconstructed is now available via iTunes and other digital retailers. So check them out and let your ID free.