Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Questions: Eddie Spaghetti

1) What is the Favorite part of your new album Sundowner?

ES: Just Getting back into the studio with the songs that get played in my home.

2) What is the benefits and draw backs of creating music as a solo artist versus being part of a band?

ES: The benefits are things get simplified, the draw back is the juggling. The Band is like my wife and the solo is my girlfriend.

3) How do you know when writing a song, whether you will use it for the Supersuckers or your solo material?

ES: I Don't. I am never writing "for" anyone, just writing. The Older I get the harder it comes, so if it's good, wife gets first pick.

4) Blond Or brunette? Whiskey or beer? What's your preference and what's the deadliest combination?

ES: I prefer pink hair. Beer for sure. Deadliest combo? No such thing.

5) As part of the Supersuckers you've played some large venues. Do you enjoy playing the smaller spaces as a solo artist and what about it do you like?

ES: I like to play anywhere. I like it when there are fans, big or small - Someone's having a good night and that's the goal.

6) Everyone has heard of rock-star moments. Is there such a thing as a country-star moment and if so, can you describe one of your most memorable?

ES: I think country guys are too busy growing their tomatos and smokin' their weed to throw a proper fit.

7)What is the best bar in Seattle or the state of Washington to inspire a country song?

ES: Hazelwood

8) The cover art for Sundowner was done by Tim Gabor, an artist amongst many that you've worked with before. How important do you feel it is to cultivate a visual persona to a band through cover art, gig posters and other visual media?

ES: Well it use to be real important, I think and now not so much. I like the look of my solo stuff, so much so, I can't imagine using anyone else. When you see the covers together, they tell a story.

9) Do you have a favorite guitar and dose it have a name? Is there a story behind it?

ES: My Gibson acoustic is my favorite. Sometimes I call it the "Dude" but usually I refer to it as my "Little Breadwinner." No big story behind it really. I needed an acoustic guitar to record Must've Been High with and I went with the producer of that record to a guitar shop and this one caught my eye(and my ear!). It's an awesome tool!

10) What is the name of 5 bands you love but few people have heard of?