Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Handsom Furs "Dumb Animals" & Heavy Cream "Watusi"

For this weeks Tuesday Double Feature I picked videos by two of the bands I'm most excited about catching at this years Musicfest Northwest. The Northwest's premier music festival will be filling the streets with music from September 7th to the 11th. tickets and Wrist Bands are still available so don't miss your chance at the music event of the year.

Handsome Furs - "Dumb Animals"

Montreal based married couple who make industrialized new wave music. Gritty. Dirty. Good.

Having recently(June 28th) released their third full length album Sound Kapital on Sub Pop Records, The Handsome Furs are out on the road pushing the flesh. Luckily you won't have to wait long to see them as they'll be playing an 11PM set at Branx on Thursday the 8th.

Heavy Cream - "Watusi"

The Runaways for the next generation.

The Heavy Cream will be playing Saturday the 9th at Mississippi Studios for a 10PM set, check them out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Joe Pug "Speak Plainly Diana" & The Parson Red Heads "Seven Years Ago"

Folk rock and the open road go together like blues and whiskey, so I think it's fitting that this weeks Tuesday Double Feature spotlights two up and coming leaders of the genre, with videos that show life on tour.

These are musicians on the rise so garb hold now. Like a rail car through the switching yard, they are traveling a safe speeds but soon they'll accelerate beyond catching so reach out and take hold.

Joe Pug - Speak Plainly Diana

Possessed with the same rambling American spirit as Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, Job Pug's music is rich with the salt and soil that made this country. A bold storyteller, it's hard not to get lost in his lyrics. Pug will be returning to Portland Friday September 9th to play the Aladdin Theater for Music Fest Northwest. Make sure you grab your wrist band or tickets now.

The Parson Red Heads - Seven Years Ago

New darlings of the vibrant folk-rock scene of Portland Oregon, The Parson Red Head's music is an oddly beautiful mix of 70's musical influences as broad as Neil Young and mellow Tom Petty and The Heartbreaks. Celebrating the recent release of their latest album Yearling the band is on tour, so keep an eye out for them playing in a town near you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Binge 2011-Part 2:A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock'n'Roll

Part 2 of the Birthday Binge of 2011,has a little bit of country and a little bit of rock'n'roll and it really doesn't matter what you like. All these shows are worth the price of admission. So come on out and get your own over dose of music.

Saturday, August 20th
Drag the River
Pascal Briggs
Devil's Point
5305 SE Foster Rd
Show: 10PM
21 & Over

If the walls of the Grande Ole Opry were to fall and Nashville burn to the ground, I'd have no fear for country music knowing Drag the River was in the world. Instilled with more Cash and and Hank Sr. then all the CMA's combined roster, their music is a road worn thing smoothed over by whiskey. Filled with the weeping of the petal steel and the comforting resonance of acoustic guitar their songs have the blue collar beauty of a farmer's sun faded eyes. But don't be mistaken, these boys have souls of pure rock'n'roll and their show at the confined space of the Devil's Point is sure to shake the walls.
Supporting the boys is the amazing voice and guitar of Pascal Briggs. Looking like an interesting mix of early Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, Briggs plays an oddly infectious folk punk that gets in your head. Dark and deep Briggs is one of a kind, and something tells me you're going to remember his show for a long time after.

Friday, August 26th
The Night Beats
Wooden Shjips
Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside
Doors: 8PM/ Show:9PM
Cover: See Doug Fir Website for details
21 & Over

Hosted by Sailor Jerry Rum, this night of garage rock madness will feature the awesome Go-Go spy-rock of the Night Beats.Their music is a sexy beast with a dangerous swagger; rich with a delicious guitar fuzz that's nearly hypnotic and a strutting rhythm that threatens to steal your soul. You almost have to wonder if these guys spent too much time in badly ventilated garages sucking in the fumes of Hendrix records and tripping to Russ Myer films. It's simple, this band is going to blow your mind and the awesome thing is that they're just the opening act.
Headlining this show is the psychedelic audio freakout of the Wooden Shjips. A maddening stew of sound, this San Fransisco band will leave your head swimming in a euphoric state of disorientation.This night of contained auditory chaos should be a sweet release after a long week at work so order yourself a Jerry and coke and drink one for me.

Saturday, August 27th
Reverend Horton Heat
Nashville Pussy
Wonder Ballroom
128 NW Russell St
Adv.:$12/ Day Of:$22
21 & Over

Like an old fashion tent revival of rock'n'roll The Reverend Horton Heat is coming to town to save you. It might be from the boredom of sobriety and good living, but why split straws. Populated by the wail of large bodied Gretsch guitars and Bull Bass slapping the music of the Reverend is a mix of hot rod rock'a'billy and swinging two-step country rock. If it doesn't rev up your engines you might want to check your pulse.
Sharing the stage of this one night engagement at our lovely Wonder Ballroom is the whiskey swilling, bar room brawling mofos from Georgia:Nashville Pussy. Their head banging hard rock is going to melt your face with the metal bending guitar of Ruyter Suys. If you can still walk after all the lovely abuse you'll take form this show you can count yourself a lucky soul, but either way you'll know you've seen one hell of a show.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Binger-Part 1:Let's hear it for the ladies

It's been 4 years since I drank enough to howl at the moon. In those days I use to be famous for celebrating my birthday with a little more than the needed amount of friendly libations. Now sober, I still have a tendency toward toasting another year of life with a little binging. These days it's with a whole lot of live music in the two weeks leading up to my birthday. So this is the first of two articles previewing the six awesome shows I'm hoping to catch in the next two weeks. I hope to see you at a few.

Thursday, August 18th
Roxy Epoxy & The R
ebounds/Defect Defect/Ari Shine
350 West Burnside
Doors:8PM /Show: 9PM
Adv.:$10 /Day Of:$12
21 & Over

Penelope Houston is a pivotal figure in Punk rock whether the world knows it or not, and a concert by the Avengers is better than a visit by royalty. Having originally existed in a short span of time between 1977 to 1979 this band ran with the likes of the Sex Pistols, X and the Dead Kennedy's and created some of the most meaningful punk rock that ever existed. Their music was not just rage and rebellion, it was raw emotion given purpose and their brief run might in fact have, in my opinion, legitimized punk rock as a musical form. The ground work they laid has shaped all the music that followed. Whether you like punk rock or not this is a show you don't want to miss.
Blessed with the opportunity to support this band is Portland's siren of synth-punk Roxy Epoxy and her band the Rebound. Energetic and powerful in her own right she is a perfect compliment to these trailblazers of punk. Also on the bill is the berserker assault of Defect,Defect and the unique pairing of Ari Shine's rock'n'roll. If your withing 400 miles of Portland or Seattle this weekend you need to make this show.

Sunday, August 21st
The Ettes
Hans Condor/My Goodness
Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside
Adv.:$10/Day Of:$12
21 & Over

The musical equivalent to the perfect storm, The Ettes have a power and energy that can lift cars and up root trees. Their fuzz rich guitars and strutting groove makes a raw sexy sound that feel lusciously dirty and is delivered with a speed that causes whiplash in those improperly secured. With the tornado fury of Poni on drums and the deceptively aggressive precision of Coco and Jem; live, this three piece might have no equal.Touring in support of their latest audio masterpiece Wicked Will; Coco and the crew reveal a new unshakable confidence and the slightest effects of the outlaw country of their new home town of Nashville.
I saw this band 2 years ago at Slabtown and have been jonesing for a chance to see them again ever since. Joining them on stage, like two brothers, is the bluesy aggression of Hans Condor whose powerful music is a thunderously sweaty beast while the broken blues of My Goodness has a smoother yet just as effective come on.

Monday, August 22nd
White Mystery
Shannon & The Clams/The Men/Milk Music/Hurry Up
East EndLink203 SE Grand Ave
Price: $8
21 & Over

The bold fuzztastic rock'n'roll of Chicago based White Mystery is a powerful thing made of an audio force that can topple buildings. Their crunchy garage madness is an assault of viciously raw guitar and a blunt force attack of brutal drumming. Like a page out of Phil Specters "Wall of sound", this brother and sister duo make the music that melts the brain and infects your body with an unforgiving rhythm. Live their energy is highly unstable and verges on volatile. Like their wild locks of vibrant red hair Alex and Francis are barely containable when on stage which will make this night at the East End outrageously fun.
Sharing the bill is four other awesome bands. Headlining is the 50's garage flashback phenomenon of Shannon and The Clams. While the supporting slots are held by the wild sonic freakout of The Man, the boldly raw force of Milk Music and the freshly birthed super-group of Hurry Up. Jammed pact with music there's no better way to spend this Monday night.

Tusday Double Feature: White Mystery "Powerglove" & Roxy Epoxy and The Rebound "Unnamed"

This Tuesday Double Feature highlights two amazing acts playing in Portland this coming week. Check out the videos and then catch them live, you won't regret it.

White Mystery - Powerglove

A redheaded love fest with an amazing garage rock soundtrack.

The sibling team up of Chicago based White Mystery play a bold powerful garage rock that's dirty in all the right way. They'll be playing at the East End, with a gang of bands on Monday the 22nd. Check out our preview of the show.

Roxy Epoxy and the Rebound - Unnamed

A low budget video but great song.

Portland's own queen of synth-punk Roxy Epoxy and her band the Rebounds will be opening for punk royalty the Avengers this Thursday night the 18th. If you want to read more about is check out this write up.

10 Questions: Mark Ortmann of The Bottle Rockets

1) Your newest album, Not So Loud was recorded at the Lucas School House in St. Louis. What in particular about this venue and show made you decide to record your acoustic album there?

MO: The Lucas School House was an intimate listening room with good acoustics and sound system, making it well-suited for the audience and performers.

2) On the new album you re-imagined and re-tooled 13 songs from your extensive catalog. What process did you take in choosing the songs you would use for the album?

MO: We chose the best performances with the best recording quality and technical aspects. However, with over four hours of music recorded over two nights, we were selective in choosing only enough for a single disc.

3) What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of an acoustic show verses an electric? Is it a misnomer that you need less equipment for an acoustic show?

MO: The quieter volume of an acoustic performance can allow songs to be heard easier. An acoustic show seems to require about as much equipment as an electric show, but the gear is much lighter to carry. I guess it's easier on our ears and our backs.

4) In converting from electric performance to an acoustic one how did the drum parts evolve?

MO: I stripped down the drum set to just a bass drum, snare drum and hi-hat, and modified the drum parts to fit within that confinement. Playing with those restrictions forced me to approach the drum parts from a different creative space.

5) Rock and Jazz are know for their drummers, from the antics of Tommy Lee to the skill of Gene Krupa. Who do you gain influence from and are their specifically any Country music drummers among the list.

MO: Some of my favorite old-school drummers are John Bonham, Joe Morello, Clyde Stubblefield, Ringo Star, and Art Blakey. I do admire the talents of many of the Nashville session drummers, but none have necessarily influenced my style.

6) In past interviews you’ve sites influences like Jim Chrochy and David Gates. What are the names of current or newer bands/musicians that have had an effect upon the music of the band? With changes in the line up over the years, did that infuse new influences?

MO: I can't think of newer acts that have influenced the band, but yes, new band members do bring different influences to the band. Not all band members share the same exact tastes in music, so each brings their unique talents when they join.

7) The Bottle Rockets have been around for almost 2 decades, in that time what has been the most significant changes to the music industry? What have you done as a band to survive these changes?

MO: The biggest change has been the decline or necessity of record labels because of the Internet. Anybody can post or share free music in the spirit of do-it-yourself. We are slow at keeping up with the newest web technologies.

8) Over the years you’ve been connected with several record labels with both positive and negative results. To date you’ve released the most albums with the Chicago based Bloodshot label. What is it about this label that’s made the difference?

MO: Bloodshot (Records) does what they say and doesn't promise what they can't.

9) Your 2002 album Song of Sahm, a tribute to Doug Sahm that demonstrated your love of his music and the respect of his craft. Name 3 other songwriters that you feel are long over due for a tribute album.

MO: I haven't thought about it, but there is such a glut of tribute albums at this point, is there anybody who hasn't had one made yet?

10) What is the name of 5 bands you love but few people have heard of?

MO: I'm embarrassed to admit I'm out of touch with that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kasey Anderson and The Honkies - Heart of a Dog

Kasey Anderson and The Honkies
Heart of a Dog

Red River Records

Kasey Anderson, better known for his soft spoken songwriting is getting a little loud and ruckus on his latest effort. Teamed with his band The Honkies that brings a rich full sound to Anderson's signature storyteller lyrics; Heart of a Dog is ripe with a meaty blues-guitar salvation and a rhythm section that has the swagger and precision of a shot of good bourbon.
From the Rollingstone's Blues of "Mercy" to the echos of electrified Dylon in the opening growl of "The Wrong Light" this CD presents one amazing song after another. Easily each track could stand alone but tied together they make an awesomely tight album that propels the listener on a wonderful musical journey. Comparable to Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run, their is a consistent narrative to this CD that tells a story the audience can't help but to become emotionally invested.
This album documents an evolution in the creative lifespan of Anderson's music. Taking his already powerful lyrical stories and supercharging them with the power and speed of a top notch rock outfit. In addition to Andrew McKeags boisterous guitar, the powerful drum beat of Julian MacDonough and the luscious groove of Sean Cornin's bass, this album is populated with a long list of additional musicians who lent their expertise to this recording. A perfect example is the use of David Lipkind's harp on the track "Kasey Andersons' Dream" that takes an already great song and makes it awesome. With talent like this just waiting in the wings, it's no wonder this album sounds so good; as though a group of long time friends and musical collaborators sat down in the studio one afternoon and played the hell out of these songs with the same effortlessness of smoking a cigarette.
You can tell a lot about an album by who you'd recommend it to and Heart of a Dog is a one I'd give my good friend Eric. We use to tend bar together at a little place called the Driftwood Room. He loved the Stones, the New York Time's Crossword puzzle and taught me as much about life as he did about being a great bartender. I cherish the memories of closing down the bar and talking late into early morning over St. Pauli Girl and cigarettes. He has a great taste in music and I know he would love this amazing album as much as I.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Dex Ronweber Duo "Jungle Drums" &The Love Me Nots "Do What You Do"

Sometimes there's nothing better than the crunchy sweet sound of garage rock. So this weeks Double Feature serves the dirty guitar growl and and hard hitting rhythm that makes this music so additively fun.


Dex Ronweber Duo - "Jungle Drums"

The Dex Ronweber Duo is currently touring in support of their new album Is that you in the Blue? on the Bloodshot Records. This coming Monday the 15th they'll be playing at the World Famous Kenton Club here in Portland. For a preview of the show, check out the latest Triple Crown.

The Love Me Nots - "Do What You Do"

2010 was a hard year for this lusciously exuberant four piece out of Arizona, but The Love Me Nots aren't a band that you can keep down. With the new year came the fresh studio album The Demon and the Devotee and a return to the stage both here in the states and in Europe. I'm looking forward to catch them next time they're in town and I hope you'll all join me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Triple Crown: 08/02 - 08/15

This Triple Crown highlights some of the lesser know music clubs in town and is quite easy on the wallet. Ringing in at $16 for all three show, there is surely enough left over for a few drinks, a nice tip for your server/bartender and something from the merch-booth. So grab your stuff, because there's two show right off the bat.

Friday, August 5th
Western Aerial
Cellar Door
The Whiskey Bar
31 NW 1st Ave
Show: 9PM
21 & Over

Portland's premier rock band Western Aerial will be tearing at the walls of the Whiskey Bar this coming Friday. Geoff and the boys are sure to be at the top of their game, dishing out their hard hitting rock'n'roll with vicious guitar licks, ground shaking drums and a bass groove that makes all the ladies crazy. Fresh from the studio with a few new songs from their forthcoming album and a few new covers for summer this show should be a hell of a good time. If you don't know Western Aerial from their awesome live show or their addition to Blazer games than you need to put down the remote and make it out to catch one of the hardest rock 'n' roll bands this side of the Rockies.
Joining them on stage is the divers rock of Portland's own Cellar Door. Ripe with a stew of musical elements from grunge cadence, metal accents and a bass swagger that flirts with full fledged funk this band has a sound that has something for everyone. So order a round of bourbon and let the rock 'n' roll take control. Just in case, make sure you have your passport, a pair of clean underwear, and three felt tip pens, because you never know what might happen.

Saturday, August 6th
On the Stairs/Pine Language
Laurel Thirst Public House
2958 NE Glisan
Cover: $6
21 & Over

A warm night kissed by the slightest of breezes is the perfect setting to hear the sweet sound of Portland's Sunbeam. Richly beautiful, this is the soundtrack of late summer romances and painfully honest confessions. Built with wonderfully calculated instrumentation and populated with lyrics that are both tinder and raw this band has developed songs that are truly lovely things. Come this Saturday night, what few already knew will now be shared with the world as they celebrate the release of their debut album Sunbeam and the Lonely Ghost. The intimate settings of the Laural Thirst Public House is a perfect location for such an occasion; the raw timbered walls providing a wonderful conduit for the organic resonance of their folk pop.
Joining the celebration is the dreamy spoken word melodies of On the Stairs and the bold atmospheric alt-rock of Pine Language making for an awesome night of music. So take this chance to sit back, order a few pints of beer and enjoy this night of terrific music. At $6 you'd be hard press to find anything as cheap and entertaining on a Saturday evening.

Monday, August 15th

The Dex Romweber Duo
Thee Headliners
The World Famous Kenton Club
2025 N Kilpatrick St
Show: 9PM
Cover: $5
21 & Over

Like a Jack Kerovac novel, the music of the Dex Ronweber Duo uniquely mixes the swinging vibe of a cocktail lounge and the feel of headlights cutting through the night on a long stretch of Route 66. A time machine of sorts, these tunes have the feel of a now gone era. Even so, they are alive with a vibrant energy that pulses from their own originality rather than merely existing like dusted off covers of by gone classics. Dex channels the likes of Johny Cash, Hank Sr. and Charlie Pride all while translating it through the filter of his own personality and beat up guitar. Meanwhile his sister Sara bangs away on the drums and belts out lyrics like a Patsy Cline/Dusty Springfield cat-fight. Praised by the likes of indi-rock ideal Jack White, this band is a must see and what an opportunity we have. Tucked away in the intimate atmosphere of the World famous Kenton Club, with only a $5 cover at the door, it should be illegal to miss this show.
Opening the night is Portland's own Thee Headliners with their boldly brash style of garage rock madness. Blurring the lines between power and grace this three piece is true force to be respected. So stuff a Lincoln in your billfold and hope that the next day at work isn't too harsh.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: The Ettes: Crown of Age & No Home

To mark the release on The Ettes' 4th full-lengthed album Wicked Will, this Tuesday Double Feature highlights two video by this amazing threesome. Transplated in Nashville by way of LA this band is know for their powerfull energetic music and wall shaking live show. With the release of Wicked Will we should be treated to healthy dose of both. So enjoy and don't forget to pick up a copy of the album.

The Ettes - Crown of Age

The Ettes - No Home

The Ettes will be playing at The Doug Fir here in our fair city of Portland Oregon on August 21st. So make sure you get your tickets early.