Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Triple Crown: 02/01 - 02/14

With January now collecting dust and February fresh as a new born baby, this first Triple Crown of the month is spilling over with some amazing shows. With one local legend and two of the maters of their art, this threesome might be a little harder on your wallet but is sure to keep you jonze-free for your live music fix until at least the 14th.

Thursday, February 3rd
Coco Cobra and the Killers
The Food/Thundering Asteroids
Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd
$6 Cover
21 & Over

The bump and grind rock 'n' roll of Coco Cobra and the Killers is a dirty, dirty lap dance for the ears and Thursday night at the Tonic lounge they're going to shake it until everyone loses control. Filled with raunchy guitars and abusive beats, this is the music of Portland's seedier side. A raw garage sound fueled by the baser of human instincts and translated into the best gut punching punk rock to assault the ears, this band is a must see anytime they take the stage. Lead by the no holds bar stage presence of Coco herself who blends the lines of seduction and chaos, this band was meant to be experienced live. Anything less doesn't do them justice.
Joining them is The Food and Thundering Asteroids whose energetic Avengers' style punk is infused with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek geek-dom. So bundle up for the cold and make your way to the Tonic, because 6 bucks is a cheap price to get a right start of your weekend a little early.

Saturday, February 5th
Clutch/Valient Thorr
Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave
Adv.:$28.50 Ticket West
All Ages

In anticipation of this show, my inner headbanger is pumping his fist forcefully skyward while his long mane cascades wildly in all directions. It's Motorhead for phucks-sakes. Considered by most to be one of the ultimate metal bands and respected by members of almost every musical genera, this is one of the keystone bands still playing. Screw the Rolling Stones and their over priced geriatric rock, these guys are still in the trenches and will be until they put six feet of dirt on them. Known for their Blitzkrieg speed and Blusey metal there is nothing more rock'n'roll then the stone grinding voice of Lemmy. Populating the rest of the bill is equally familiar metal speedsters staple Valient Thorr and the Cadmium blues of East coast based Clutch, that what they lack in speed make up in power and rough-edged soul. A little spendy at $28.50, but well worth the price, this is an all ages show so bring to kids and show them what real rock'n'roll looks like.

Wednesday, February 9th
Social Distortion
Lucero/Chuck Ragan
Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside
21 & Over

If you have tickets count yourself blessed and if not pay the scalper's price because this might be the greatest show to hit Portland all year. As if Social Distortion wasn't enough,(second night of a two date stay) the rest of the line up is filled with two of the hardest working-class bands to be currently touring across the US. This is the music of the hard fighting masses. Those who work crap jobs to keep their hopes alive. This is the anthem of those who have been stripped clean by whiskey and still dream big with grease beneath their nails.
Social Distortion needs no introduction. The Godfathers of blue-collar punk these LA natives have been rocking the world since the early 80's with their original mix of punk, blues and roots rock. Opening the show is Chuck Ragan a callused handed troubadour with the mentality of a folk singer and the heart of a gutter punk. Ragan's music is part politics, honest reflection and a personal journey of atonement. Finishing off the bill is the road hardened rock of Lucero. These prodigal southern son's make some of the best country tinged rock'n'roll to come out of Memphis in the last decade. Singing of whiskey and heart ache the way only southerners can, these boys have more miles and stories than a long-haul trucker.
It is a true gift to have this awesome show only an month into the new year and topping off this triple crown so nicely. And if it's any indicator of what's to come, we've got a great year for live music ahead of us.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drunken Prayer @ The White Eagle Saloon

Friday, January 28th
Drunken Prayer
Nick Peets
White Eagle Saloon
836 North Russell St.
Show: 9:30PM
$6 Cover

Told through weeping guitars and the outlaw testifying of Morgan Greer, Drunken Prayer's saloon Gospel aches with loss, regret and whiskey.Drawing on the deep roots of Hank Senior and Cash, this is the country music of redeemed convicts and unabashed highway men. Absent of the hick-pop stank of CMT, you won't here this music at the country Music awards or the Grammy's and that's too damn bad. Luckily though Greer and his faithful barroom revivalist call our rain soaked city home and will grace us with a show this Friday night at the White Eagle Saloon. Joining them is the breezy dream folk of Nick Peets with his warm honest melodies that blow through the your conciseness like an island zepher.
So remember the good seats are sparse at the Eagle and usually taken early so make sure that you get there early and don't be surprised if you glimpse a ghostly spirit in the shadows. It's just the restless phantom of Johnny Paycheck sipping a little whiskey before returning to the dirt.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Become a Rockstar @ Klevland's Jamuary

Wednesday, January 12th, 19th and 26th
Tiger Bar
317 N Broadway
$3 Cover
OPEN BAR 9-10PM!!!!!

As the new year dawns do you find yourself looking at that electric guitar and amp staring across the room from you collecting dust? Do you want to see the world, not just the I-5 corridor? Is it your resolution to finally join a band and let your inner rock star live somewhere other than your living room or garage? Well here's your chance. For the last three Wednesdays in January Portland's own Kleveland will be holding court at the Tiger Bar looking for a new guitarist.

"With a an extra guitarist I can unstrap my guitar and just do my thing." Says Stephanie Smith the powerhouse leading lady of the band, and with the April release of their latest album in Europe and a tour to follow this spring their a lot to look forward to. Interested? Then here is the 411:

Step 1) Head on over to the Klevland MySpace page and learn a few of their songs.

Step 2) Grab your guitar and make it down to Tiger Bar on one of the aforementioned nights

Step 3) Sign up at the door with your name and what song you want to play.

Step 4) Belly up to the bar and drink yourself some courage.(Oh, did I mention the Open Bar from 9 to 10!!!!)

Step 5) When they call your name rock your heart out.

Step 6) The next morning when your boss complains that your late and hung over, just remember their jealous.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Triple Crown: 01/11 - 01/24

As the first Triple Crown of 2011 we got a little bit of everything, from the evolved reincarnation of a Portland favorite to the melancholy moan of southwest country apparitions. This might be the year you lose some weight or quit smoking, but wouldn't a resolution to catch more live music be so much more fun.

Friday, January 14th
Pigeons/Wax Fingers
Backspace Cafe
115 NW 5th Ave

The term Folk pop might seem like a oxymoron to some but the powerfully atmospheric music of the Scrimshander's lends nothing to contradiction. The powerful earthy elements Andy Furgeson and Peter Valois carried over from their former incarnation of Bark, Hide and Horn still ring true but are now enhanced into an exotically lovely beast by new electronic accents. Like the hymns of a digital forest the phoenix that has risen in this new band is fresh with life and without bounds; a definite must see. Joined by fellow PDX'ers the Wax Fingers, with their energetic electro-dream pop, and the Pigeons whose emotionally complicated music is both aggressive and relatable, this should be a night of dynamic moods and great music.

Saturday, January 15th
Wayne "The Train" Handcock
The Red Hills(formerly The Runaway Boys)/Truckstop Darlin'
350 West Burnside
$10 Adv./$12 Day of

Possessed by the sprites of the Grand Ole Opry, Wayne "The Train" Handcock sings like Hank Williams and plays his guitar like the godfathers of country and rockabilly. His music is the sound of dog eared copies of On the Road, rag-top Studebakers and the long stretches of ol' Route 66. Vintage as your grandfather's pocket watch and fresh as the air after a thunderstorm these songs make you want to pull your best girl close and dance until the echo of last call has faded and chairs are on the tables. So grab your dancing shoes and make sure you make it their early, because if "The Train' wasn't enough, opening up for him will be a rare performance by The Red Hills, formally The Runaway Boys. I'll have to admit that I'm almost as excited about this opening set because by my reckoning they are one of the best band of troubadours to call Portland their home. Finishing off this great lineup is the country-fried rock of Truckstop Darlin' who's gravel rough tones will make you whiskey thirsty before the first song is over. So grab your girl and leave your car home cause you might walk away from this but you sure won't want to drive.

Saturday, January 22nd
My Life in Black and White
Spittin' Cobras/Last Watch/Cathead and The Blistering Sun
Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd.

The honest hard working blue colloar punk of My Life in Black and White is played by men with grease beneath their finger nails and whiskey polished souls. In my opinion one of the top ten bands playing in Portland at this time and one of the best live shows you'll ever see. Any chance to catch these boys live is a must. Part Johnny Cash, part Social Distortion and all revved up with the speed and power of a runaway train this band is unstoppable, a fact that might be leathal in the confined quarters of the Tonic lounge. Oh, but what a way to die. Joining the boys is an awesome lineup that's sure to blow the plaster off the walls and includes the Spittin' Cobras, Last Watch and Cathead and The Blistering Sun. At these prices you can't afford not to catch this show, so grab your friends, head on down to the Tonic and raise a toast to the new year and great music.