Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Friday, February 1, 2013

Raiders of The Bargain Bin: Living Daylights


 In the dark corners of the earth there exists a thing called record stores, where discs if spun the right direction at the right speed can make music.  Much of this music was considered garbage in its own time.  But as they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  Musical treasure is what I’m after.  Music that was under appreciated in its time but in the light of today could be considered a jewel.  So join me as I explore record stores and their bargain bins in search of these hidden treasures.

Artist:  The Living Daylights

Album:  500 Pound Cat

Purchased:  At Everyday Music in Beaverton, OR for $0.50.

Reason for Purchase:   I bought the album for two reasons.  First the Living Daylights is the name of a one of the more underrated bonds movie.  Secondly I have two cats that at first glance look like they could be pushing 500 lbs. 
Music Style:  Instrumental Jazz.

First Three Songs on Pandora Channel:  Selva (Live) by Stuntz and Farah, who by the way look like disciples of Esteban, or whatever that guy’s name was with the long finger nails that used to sell guitars and DVD’s on QVC.    Waltz for One (For John) by Koby Haydon Trio.   First of All by Oren Neiman.

Expedition Result:  I stepped on a booby trap.  Based on the name of the band, the album name, and the artwork, I was expecting some old school 90’s power pop, something more akin to Soul Asylum.  As is it took only a couple minutes to determine this album isn’t for me.  Is it bad?  I couldn’t really say, because it’s not a style I listen to, but if you’re into jazz instrumentals they may be worth a listen.

Lessons Learned:  Don’t get swayed by the band names and art work, and look for smaller details.  Details like if on the back the credits do not include vocals, or guitar it probably isn’t power pop.