Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Seven Day Forcast" with Blue Skies for Black Hearts: The World Premier of Blue Skies for Black Hearts' "It's Gone On Too Long" Video

BLS is proud to percent the world premier of Blue Skies For Black Hearts' video for "It's Gone On Too Long".

Blue Skies for Black Hearts -"It's Gone On Too Long"

The first single off of Blue Skies For Black Hearts latest self-titled album, set for release in July.
"It's Gone On Too Long” was inspired by the songwriting of Smokey Robinson. While the video was born out of a combination of an idea that the director, Kevin Hanzlik, had about showing the day to day struggles of being in a band and a short story Pat Kearns had written. Blue Skies engineer, Mark Brachmann, plays the record producer. Chip Mabry, esteemed documentary producer, plays the record exec. And Peter Hughes, guitarist for Sons of Huns, plays the OSPIRG volunteer who steels the musical talent in the end from The Painters.