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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 10 Not Quite Ballads of All-Time

            I’ve never been a huge fan of ballads.  Back in the day I used to joke the greatest ballad of all time was Sweet Child of Mine.  Recently I watched what should really be called Ballad of Ages, and it did nothing to dissuade me from this line of thinking, and if Alec Baldwin can’t make you like ballads nothing can. 

            My opinion of ballads was cemented recently when I took chance and took my wife to a 40’s big band revival.  Which by the way fits my criteria for the “arts”, meaning it earns me brownie  points, while mitigating potential retinal, ear drum, or tailbone damage that can come from some of the more pretentious pieces.  If I point them out, she doesn’t seek them out herself, so I put myself in win, hopefully not lose setting.  Next year by the way I’m thinking The Nutcracker done to Dark Side of the Moon.   Anyway what this excursion taught me was they had ballads in 40’s too, and they are just as boring as modern day ballads.
            This doesn’t mean all music needs to be fast for me to enjoy, but I need it to be at least a step above a ballad.  With that in mind I decided to put together a list of songs that don’t quite fall into the ballad category.  

10.  Just a Friend – Biz Markie:  It’s got a piano.  It’s about a broken heart.  What else do you need?  How about a catchy hook and an out of key singer.  It’s just too much fun to be considered a ballad, which is probably one of the reasons it became the most unlikely of hits.

9.   Beast of Burden The Rolling Stones:  I only like a handful of Stones’ songs, but this is one of them.  This is one of those songs that has a tempo that can’t be considered slow or upbeat which is why I think it qualifies as not quite a ballad, and as a plus is also not quite a love song either. 
8.  Been Down so Long – The Doors:  This the first of many that has a heavy blues influence.  This song starts out with the lyrics, “I’ve been down so long, it looks like up to me.”  Morrison makes it drips with anguish.  Ballads tend to rely on anguish and crooning, this song manages both without cheese, or a tempo slugs could march to.

7.  Moondance – Van Morrison:  We go from one of the all-time great crooners to the next.  A sweet love song that is just a little bit too upbeat to be considered a ballad.

6.  Whiskey Without Women – Drive by Truckers:  A song about two of my favorite things, with all the angst you could want, by what I would consider a country band that writes great rock songs. 

5.  The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin:   Zeppelin is the king of bands that refuse to have their songs fall into one tempo.  I had a High School teacher that liked to tell a story about one of his friends who was at a dance during Zep’s heyday.  He was very uncomfortable fast dancing, but there was a girl there he liked, so he waited all night for his chance to dance with her.  He made the mistake of waiting until Stairway to Heaven started to make his move.  Awkward. 

            I probably could have went with half of Zeppelin’s catalog, but chose this reimaging of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killing Floor  because the way the song squeezes, “my lemons it makes me wanna' fall out of bed.”

4.  Life by the Drop – Stevie Ray Vaughn:  Another artist that thrives with songs that don’t quite cross over into full on ballad territory.  On the surface there is not much to the song, which largely is nothing more than a classic blues shuffle.  There is something about the way Stevie sings about his real life struggle with alcohol, and in a very understated way manages to make us care more about his plight than many of the pandering ballads you’ll run across. 

3. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N’ Roses:  I’ve loved this song since I first saw the video in the youth (full disclosure, I also liked Rico Suave).  It was also my go to Karaoke song for a while, so I have a lot of history with this particular song, but more importantly it is a reminder of how dynamic the combination of Slash and Axle Rose was before egos got in the way.  Plus it’s way better than their true ballad November Rain.  

2.  Ride On – AC/DC:  When you think of AC/DC you usually don’t think of slow songs or serious songs but, Bon Scott and the boys decide to take it down a notch and croon about the lonely life on the road in this number.  When he sings of being so lonely you can’t help feel bad for him.  

1.  Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd:  For my money this is one the prettiest songs in the history of popular music.  If you didn’t pay attention to the words it could easily be confused for a love ballad.  Great riff, great lyrics, great song. 

Living Room Performance: Desert Noises "Oak Tree"

Desert Noises - "Oak Tree"

Cedar Hills, UT

Saturday, June 18th 2011

With broad instrumental edges and dreamy vocals the road-trip alt-rock of Utah based Desert Noises is compellingly lovely. They will be supporting Crushed Out tomorrow night at Mississippi Studios.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introducing the latest addition of By the Light of the Stereo

I'm thankful to announce the latest addition to By the Light of the Stereo is my long time friend and fellow music lover Bob Bemrose. Having recently returned to the Portland area Bob is a lover of Blues, Rock, early 90's Hip Hop and Kereoke. I'm excited for him to bring his love of music and great humor to BLS and look forward to his additions.
He's got great ideas and is already writing some new columns for BLS. Two that I'm particularly excited about are:

Raiders of the Bargain Bin, where he'll be bringing his down and dirty reviews of found treasures from clearance racks and used bins from record stores near and far.


The Twisted 10, that will focus on unique musical topics seen through Bob's wonderfully unorthodox perspective.

It's great to have my partner in crime joining me once again for yet another adventure and hope that you followers of BLS will enjoy the new blood too.

Quick Pick: Crushed Out @ Mississippi Studios 01/31

Thursday, January 31st
Crushed Out
Desert Noises / Summer Cannibals
Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi
Doors: 8PM / Show: 9PM
Adv.: $6 / Day Of: $8
21 & Over

The bare bones garage rock of Crushed Out is an energetic whirlwind of building momentum. Ripe with gain lovely guitar and wildly driving beats, their music has all the groove and attitude of Mick Jagger's hips in 1963. Based out of New York this duo should not be underestimated. Powerful and sassy, Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller make fun sexy songs. Not just another White Stripes,Crushed Out has a classic feel that tributes both two part blues and the Endless Summer sway of 50's beach rock.
Luckily Portland will get the chance to see them live this Thursday, January 31st at Mississippi Studios. Joining them on stage is the thick sultry go-go rock of Portland's own Summer Cannibals and the broad-sky highway rock of the Desert Noises. Combined this should be an awesome night of great music and a wonderful way to get your engines revved up for the weekend. So get your party shoes on and don't forget to support the music with a few buck at the merch booth.       

Tuesday Double Feature: Blood Red Shoes "In Time To Voices" & Crushed Out "Weigh You Down"

This Tuesday Double Feature focuses on some rocking female/male duos. Ripe with crunchy guitars and a sweet garage sound these teams are bursting with power and force. So sit back and let them blow your mind.

Blood Red Shoes - "In Time To Voices"

Brighten, England power duo Blood Red Shoes are loud and brash in all the right ways. With the release of their latest E.P. Water and the reissue of their first two albums here in the US. This band is set for a breakout in the states. Be one of the first to start the craze in your town.

Crushed Out - "Weigh You Down"

Formally Boom Chick this garage rock duo is a study of what happens when you combine the DIY of a skate punk with the drive and discipline of an Olympic athlete. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Crushed Out is currently on tour in support of their debut album Want to Give. The band will be playing Mississippi Studios this Thursday night. So come and check them out.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cure for the Mondays: Birds of Chicago "The Moonglow/The Tapeworm"

Birds of Chicago - "The Moonglow/The Tapeworm"

Sometimes music can be as infectious as chickenpox.

Soulful and bluesy the Chicago based folk band of Birds of Chicago are a wonderfully lively crew. Currently on tour in support of their self-titled debut album. They swung through Portland a few weeks ago and they were awesome. So make sure you catch them when they swing through your neck of the woods.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living Room Performance: Lewis Watson "Once Before"

Lewis Watson - "Once Before"

Exeter Chaple, Oxford England

January 2013

It's odd to see such a deeply soulful voice come out of someone so young. The richly soothing songs that spill forth from London based singer songwriter Lewis Watson are unearthly at times. Building in recognition and success since the release of his debut E.P. Another Four Sad Songs, Watson will finally be gracing the US with a handful of shows next month. Here's to hoping he likes us enough to plan a broader tour in the near future.
If you liked what you heard, below is a link where you can sign up and get a Live E.P. of this show.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

From the Shelf: Walk Off The Earth - "R.E.V.O." (2013)

Walk Off the Earth
Columbia Records

Short and sweet, R.E.V.O, the latest E.P. from Walk Off the Earth is a four song treasure. From the bold arena anthem of “Red Hands” to the refreshing island folk of “Summer Vibe” this short-play album is a joy to listen to all the way through.

Infected with a danceable beat that can’t be denied this collection is a celebration of life. Wonderfully arranged this band seems to have perfected the execution of its individual parts. With the strategic use of Sara Blackwell’s lovely voice paired with Ryan Marshall’s own rich gravel tones the lyrics are delivered with a wonderful contrast. While the instrumentally diverse choreography that propels these tracks swim with a wildly vivid strokes of sound. Known for their unique covers this E.P. is proof that their original material is just as interesting and creatively rewarding. With the eclectic heart of a Peter Gabriel album this musical tidbit will have you jonesing for a full length album, that with any luck, is looming in the not too distant future.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living Room Performance: Katie Herzig "Wish You Well"

Katie Herzig - "Wish You Well"

Fillmore Auditorium, San Fransisco, CA


Nashville transplant Katie Herzig is in my opinion one of the greatest singer songwriter to emerge on the scene in the last 10 years. Propelled by her beautiful voice, her songs can be energetically fun or touchingly honest. Live her sincerity and grace are apparent and the artists she surrounds herself with are of the highest caliber. Having gained well deserved exposure in the last few years Herzig is primed to breakout so discover her now and be part of the success of such an amazing artist.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

About Last Night: Birds of Chicago @ Mississippi Studios 01/16

Last night was like a locomotive ride, the slow scenic beginning has it's charm, but once you get moving is when things really get interesting.

Starting off the night was the gravel road serenade of the Huck Notari Trio. Ripe with a back porch mystique the mournfully eloquent songs of their set held the wonderful ache of honesty. Introspectively moody, their set lead perfectly into the earthy duet of Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks.  

Once the Birds of Chicago took the stage, they awakened a new presence in the room. Like the first break of sun on a rainy day, the energy of their live show is undeniably infectious. Paired downed to the bare minimum of JT Nero, Allison Russell and and their hired gun Joe Faulhaber on electric guitar . The fun near-danceable set this trio brought to the Mississippi Studio Stage was a great boost of life after the beautiful melancholy of the opening bands.

JT's white mans blues was richly indicative of his home town while Allison's soulful singing was a sweet mixture of Carol King's power and the lite island energy of Phyllis Dillon. Combined they livened up the trudging weight of a Wednesday night until you could almost forget that you had to work the next day. Their set list was mainly populated by songs from their self-titled album with the occasional gem from one of their individual projects. In particular was the phenomenal rendition of the JT & The Cloud's song "I Have Heard Words." The way that JT and Allison dug so deep and played off each other made this song amazing. I hope that someday they'll take the time to put it down on tape.

As the night wrapped up,you couldn't help but feel like the band had reached out on a personal level. The fun and liveliness of the band seemed to lighten the wait of the week. While the live treatment of their album tracks made me excited to listen to the CD on the ride home. In all, the night was wonderful and Birds of Chicago used their gracious charm to win over a few new fans on a cold Wednesday night. 

10 Questions: Youngblood Hawke

Los Angles based Youngblood Hawke has had an amazing year. Lively energetic and buoyantly optimistic their music is a joyful celebration of life and the friendship of the band members who making it. With their debut full-length in the works the band momentum should only grow stronger in the new year. The band took sometime to answer BLS's questions about their music and successes.

BLS: In the short time your band has been together, you’ve had phenomenal success gaining amazing amounts of attention. You’ve even been herald by some as the best new band in America. What do you think lead to the whirlwind of fanfare? Is their anything the band did to cultivate this exposure? 

YB: Simon and I locked ourselves in a tiny bedroom studio and came out with a handful of songs that are deeply personal and close to our hearts To have people respond so positively is incredible! It's an amazing feeling. The growth of our band has felt very natural and organic. We started slowly developing a fan base by playing shows around the West Coast and things just started to grow, more and more people started turning up at shows. We're very appreciate and extremely thankful that people are connecting to our weird stories!

The best band in America? That's a pretty ridiculous statement! I don't feel like a "best" in music exists, its all subjective, from one person to the next. The beauty of music is that there's so many different styles and genres.

BLS: Of all the experiences the recent exposure has given you. Do you have a favorite?

YB: Touring with Passion Pit was insane! They're an amazing group of people and their live show is mind-blowing. We all got along really well and every night was basically a huge party. Good times indeed!

BLS: Sam and Simon, how has this experience differed from your time in Iglu & Hartly? What steps, if any, are you taking to assure that this band doesn’t suffer the fate of your last band?

YH: We made sure to surround ourselves with people we really care for, trust and respect. All the people in our band are our best friends so we get along very well. No inner band turmoil. That can take all the excitement out of these kind of experiences.

BLS: You’ve been in the process of recording your debut full-length album since the drop of your EP in August. What should we expect from the new record? How dose the band dynamics translate into the studio?

YH: The full length is another side of us. We explore other styles, different sounds and weirder lyrics. Everyone gets in the studio and does their thing! Adds their spice! That's what makes each song so unique.

BLS: I’ve read that in the recording process, you are highly active in isolating and removing elements of your songs that you deem overly poppish or rocky. Ultimately what’s your goal in doing this? What happens to these orphaned elements, especially if they are really good?

YH: We just want to make something unique and fresh. We don't use any formula, its all about feeling! If it feels good and it really means something to us, we keep it. It's all about the feeling for us. We're huge fans of pop music, the blues, rock music and we love blending genres to come up with our own sound.

BLS: Ideally what would be the perfect state of the band if you had a choice? Recording in the Studio? Playing Live? Or just sitting around making music?

YH: We love both! We love writing songs then seeing how they translate live, what kind of reaction they get. Touring is the life line of any band and we want as many people to hear our songs as possible. I think we'd all get cabin fever if we were only in the studio. We want to see the world!

BLS: With a band made up of so many friends and family, how dose it effect the dynamic of the group on both a personal and artistic level?

YH: It makes everything better! The music, the traveling. You're the happiest when you're surrounded by the people you truly care about. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to play music with our best friends.

BLS: You recorded some of the material for the new album at Red Bull Studio L.A.. What do you think of the recent trend of companies like Red Bull taking such interest in more independent bands and the music industry as a whole?

YH: I think its great! The music industry needs all the support it can get right now! Musicians do too! Companies stepping up and keeping the industry alive is very positive thing.

BLS: With the successes of 2012 still in your peripheral vision, what do you have waiting for you in 2013?

YH: Shows shows shows! We want to play for as many people as possible and continue writing songs for our second album.

BLS: Name 5 bands you love but who few people have heard of?



Brett Dennen

Milo Green

The New Limb.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: He's My Brother, She's My Sister"Lazy Daze" & Walk Of the Earth "Gang Of Rhythm"

Sometimes the Tuesday Double Feature has no rhyme or reason and it just happens to be one of those weeks. So just take a few minutes for yourself, sit back and enjoy.

He's My Brother, She's My Sister - "Lazy Daze"

The gypsy folk of He's My Brother, She's My Sister has an energetically danceable sound that's makes you want to be on your feet wild with the rhythm. They will be play this Thursday night at our own Mississippi Studios in support of the Parson Red Heads. Come out and enjoy their wonderful live show.

Walk Off The Earth - "Gang of Rhythm"

I have to admit that I've been addicted to Walk Off The Earth since watching the video for their a capella beat box version of Taylor Swifts "Knew You Were Trouble." Not to mention that I have a little bit of a musical crush on Sarah Blackwood from her work in The Creepshow and her solo projects. Their new EP R.E.V.O. is a golden nugget of originals well worth a listen.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cure for the Mondays: Free Energy - "Girls Want Rock"

Free Energy - "Girls Want Rock"

A fun little video for a fun little song.

Known for their energetically wild music, Free Energy is putting the fun back into rock and roll. With bitchen guitar hooks and just the right amount of cowbell this band is a musical joyride. Their latest album Love Sign was released last Tuesday to rave reviews and will be followed by the national tour over the next few months.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Birds of Chicago Show Coverage Contest

By the Light of the Stereo in conjunction with Bullhorn Publicity is proud to bring you;
The Birds of Chicago Show Coverage Contest.

When you write about music you have to have a full range of skills in your arsenal. Most specifically a  comfortable fluency with language and a keen eye when taking photos. Without these you won't get very far.
We at BLS want to see what you got and have a copy of the Birds of Chicago's self-titled CD and the chance to have your work posted on our site if you make the grade.
Do you have what it takes. Lets find out.
How you win.

First off you have to make it to their show tonight.
Here's the details:
Mississippi Studios
Doors: 7PM / Show: 8PM
$12 at the door.

We have just 2 copies of the CD so well make it easy.
There's two categories; 1) Best concert pic & 2)best Show write-up in 300 words or less.

For best Concert pic:
1. Get your phones out and try your hand catching the action. Remember no flash.
2. Determine which shot's your best.
3. Find BLS and like use on Facebook (
4. When you're there, Message us with your name and contact e-mail and attach a jpg of your Photo.
If we feel you're the best of the bunch we'll contact you and get the information to send you your prize.

For best show write up:
1. Tell us what you liked about the show, be creative and have fun.
2.Polish it up and check the punctuation twice.
3. Find BLS and like use on Facebook (
4. When you're there, Message us. Paste the write up in the text of the message and include your name and contact e-mail.
If we feel your the best of the bunch we'll contact you and get the information to send you your prize.

Some simple rules:
All entries must be in by 12:00AM on Friday, January 18th
One entry person, so you have to decide picture or words.
By entering this contest you agree to allow BLS the use of your photos, words and name.

Good luck and I hope to see you at the show.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: The Delta Saints "Death Letter Jubilee" & Gary Clark Jr. "Bright Lights"

It might be a little too early in the week for whiskey but it's always a good time for the blues. So this week's Tuesday Double Feature is filled with some mind blowing blues-rock that might just hold you over until Friday.

The Delta Saints - "Death Letter Jubilee"

The Nashville band The Delta Saints mix up a bold bluesy rock that sounds so good to your ears you'll want to get up and dance. Their debut album Death Letter Jubilee hits stores today. Do yourself a favor and catch this band now, because with a sound like this it won't be too long before they're big.

Gray Clark Jr. - "Bright Lights"

Austin based Gary Clark Jr. could in fact be one of the next masters of the blues. His music is filled with a wildly bold style of blues that makes you crave bourbon. Built on wildly aggressive guitars and a infectious groove. This music is going to make you ache in all the right ways. Make sure you check out his latest album Black and Blu that came out just this August.

Monday, January 14, 2013

From the Shelf: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit - "Live from Alabama" (2012)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Live From Alabama
Lightening Rod Records

It starts in a milling confusion from the moment you enter the door. The people crowded around you are merely shadows with drinks in their hands. On the stage the guitars are lined up like soldiers at attention while the drum kits waits like a bouncer baring the exit. In a moment something changes. A wave of unspoken awareness takes hold of the crowd and all the shadows turn and move to the base of the stage. The club grows darker and the stage lights build to a blinding white. As your eyes struggle to adjust you notice the commotion from off stage as the band members begin to file out.

Your eyes closed, you can almost put yourself there listening to Live From Alabama the latest record by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unite.Complied from two Alabama shows played back in August this record captures the perfect concert experience.  As you would hope all the fan favorites are here from "Outfit" and "Decoration Day" from his Drive-By Trucker days to the award winning "Alabama Pines" from his latest album.  Touched by the sweetness of the live treatment, these classics are given new life, making you fall in love with them all over again. With extended guitar fills and the soulful horns that take them to a new level, this recording has captured a tightly woven band playing at the height of their skills.

As with his studio recordings, Live From Alabama makes it easy to focus on Isbell's amazing songwriter.The honesty of his lyrical poetry is potent with the uncomplicated struggle of the working class heroes of this great country of ours. Though unlike the studio recordings, this album is a potent reminder that first and for most in his soul of souls, Jason Isbell is a guitarist. A fact made clear on nearly every track.

From beginning to end this album is flawless and one of the best live records I've heard in years. If you've ever gotten the chance to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit live you certainly won't be disappointed.

Cure for the Mondays: The Grates "Aw, Yeah"

The Grates - "Aw,Yeah"

A little something to get the blood pumping on a Monday Morning:

An oldie but a goody from Australian trio The Grates. Their high energy music is a audio fun house that will get into your head and make your feet move. If you haven't heard about this band you need to check them out. With a number of amazing releases under their belt, their latest album Secret Rituals was just made available in the US this last July.  In my opinion this is one of the the greatest unsung bands playing today and their music should be on everyone's playlist. So make sure you take a second and check them out. You'll love them. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Living Room Performance: Walk Off the Earth "I Knew You Were Troble"

Walk Off the Earth(Feat. KRNFX) -I Knew You Were Trouble

This video is AWESOME! Yes, it's a Taylor Swift song, but it becomes a whole new creature when preformed as an a cappella beatbox masterpiece.The Canadian based  Walk Off the Earth continues to skirt the boundaries between music and performance art redefining the concept of cover songs and music itself. Joining forces with beatbox extraordinaire  KRNFX to cover this pop radio hit has lead to yet another amazing web sensation.  It defies all human logic the sounds KRNFX is making with his mouth alone.You have to understand there's not a single instrument accompanying the band in this video.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Triple Crown: 01/07 - 01/20

We stretched our musical boundaries in this Triple Crown to cover a little bit of it all.  From locally grown rock and Hip hop to the comforting sound of a touring folk band. Take a gander and I'm sure you'll find a show that tickles your fancy. It's a new year and if you haven't made a resolution or goal yet, can I suggest supporting more music by catching more live shows. Just a thought.

Friday, January 11th
Crown Point (Album Release)
Western Aerial / Threebit Bourbon
Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside
Doors: 8PM /Show: 9PM
Adv.: $8 /Day Of: $8
21 & Over

You know you've been part of the music industry for a while when you get as excited about the opening bands as you do the headliners. In this case the dynamic bar rock extravaganza of Wetern Aeiral and the blues drenched thickness of Threebit Bourbon. Both bands will be opening for the artsy radio rock of Portland's Crown Point. Celebrating the release of their Curtains EP, Crown Point will be showcasing their new material with their signature high energy live performance. With new wave elements mixed with the energy of arena rock, this band has been able to distill and down size some awesome elements into a wonderfully enjoyable sound and live show. Teamed with a great opening lineup this should be a great show, and a wonderful way to start a new year by supporting live and local music.    
Wednesday, January 16th
Birds of Chicago
Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks / HuckNotari
Mississippi Studios
3939 N Mississippi
Doors: 7PM / Show: 8PM
Adv.: $10 / Day Of: $12
21 & Over

This line up of richly organic folk should make for such an amazing show,  that they'll talking about about it for weeks. Topping the bill is the freshly formed Birds of Chicago that pairs Allison Russell and JT Nero. Separately amazing artist of their own, their songs play like modern day echoes of Jim Croce's Pennsylvania farmhouse jam sessions. The ways that Russell's bluesy and emotionally rich vocals mixes with Nero's own earthy tones makes for warm comforting songs. The end results is a fulfilling musical tapestry ripe for discovery by the masses.
Sharing the stage for the evening  are two more equally fantastic acts. The artisan folk of Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks is a fluid creature that seems to drift through a forest from a different time.  While, Huck Notari plays a back-to-basics guitar folk in the vein of Dylan and Guthrie. No matter who you come to see you won't be disappointed.
Friday, January 18th
Bad Habitat
Two Planets / New Pioneers / Cray
Mt. Tabor Theater Lounge
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Show: 9PM
Cover: $5
21 & Over

This showcase is filled with some of the best grassroots hip hop acts this town has to offer and the music they're playing is the truest, purest of it's kind heard in the clubs today. Topping the bill is the powerhouse of Bad Habitats. With tight beats and rhymes that are pieces together with a brilliant architecture, this band is creating powerful and positive Hip hop. Harking back to the days when this music was a celebration of life instead of a weapon, this band is setting themselves apart from the hordes of gangster rap. Another brilliant element of this band is their unique use of some interesting 80's songs for sampleing, making for a totally original sound. Also playing, is a who's who list of Portland's thriving hip hop scene making for an unforgettable lineup. So if you've yearned for the days of Biz Markie, Doug E. Fresh and Big Daddy Kane this is the show for you.      

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: Sophie Auster "Run Run Run" & Miss Derringer "Drop Shot Dead"

As the first Tuesday Double Feature of the new year we give you the belated gift of artistically minded femme fatales. Richly blessed with the seductive voices of syrians these two artists are lushly fabulous.
Enjoy and just know, the Double Features are only going to get better in 2013.
Sophie Auster - "Run Run Run"

Having started her musical career at the young age of sixteen, Sophie Auster has grown into an amazing artist. Her beautiful voice is ripe with emotions and her style is drenched in high art elements. Her latest album Red Weather continues her bold musical expression with more of her signature lush vocals.

Miss Derringer
- "Drop Shot Dead"

LA based Miss Derringer's dark blend of avant-garde Americana is thick with the artistic inspiration of it's co-leaders Liz McGrath and Morgan Slade. Entrenched in both the visual and auditory arts every element of is band is sculpted for most effect. We can only hope that we'll be blessed with a new album soon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cure for the Mondays: Youngblood Hawke "We Come Running"

Youngblood Hawke - "We Come Running"

Boat rides,upbeat music and the Bahamas, where else would we all love to be on a Monday.

Filled with energy and optimism the music of Youngblood Hawke is alive with musical hope. Is it any suprising? No, compiled of 5 friends doing what thy love it's no wonder it comes across in their songs. Having experienced recent success nation wide, the world is ready for the release of their debut album in spring of this year.

They'll be opening for Keane ant the Crystal Ballroom Tomorrow Night. Here are all the details:

Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside
Doors: 7PM /Show: 8PM
Adv.: $30 /Day of: $35
All Ages