Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Finals Week with The Hard Lessons": Tuesday Double Feature:AC/DC "Jailbreak" & Clip from "The Warriors" movie

In this week's Tuesday Double Feature the band The Hard Lessons take their turn with a unique choice of videos that highlights their individual perspective and love for great music where ever it's found.

AC/DC - "Jailbreak"

We love Thin Lizzy, but if you say Jailbreak to us we're gonna think AC/DC. This video is straight up camp, but Bon Scott is so invested that he pulls it off. I was talking with Eddie from Detroit band The Sights about how AC/DC's songs may not change much, but you can place the era by Malcom's tone.

Clip from the Movie "The Warriors"- music by Barry De Vorzon

I love this scene from the Warriors. The music is dope, and all of the gangs in the movie could be bands. In fact there was a Michigan band called The Baseball Furies. Our new song Gramercy Riff is a play on the The Gramercy Riffs in the movie, and the lyrics reference it quite a bit too.