Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

From the Shelf: Two Cow Garage - Death of the Self Preservation Society

Two Cow Garage
Death of the Self Preservation Society
 Last Chance Records

Loud and ruckus the latest album from Two Cow Garage is the same powerful rock perfection we’ve grown to expect from this Midwest Trio. Their sixth studio album and first on the Last Chance label these boys are continueing to create steller music. If their third album (III) was an uncertain reflection of life on the stage, Death of The Self Preservation Society is the no hold bars, finger to the world, biography of a punk rock group that’s sacrificed everything for their unconventional life. Brutally honest songs like, “Mantle in '56” showcases that Micah Schnabel has continued his development into a songwriter of the highest order. While Shane Sweeny has his own moments of lyrical genius. The primest example is the stumbling serenade of “Spiraling into Control,” which delivered in his booming gravel drawl, gives him the air of a country outlaw's bastard son.

Like a punk rock Born to Run this album is filled with astute songwriting and the unrelenting rock n roll that makes you glad that you’re alive. If you’re a fan, this album will make you think Christmas has come early. For those of you who haven’t found these boys from Columbus Ohio yet, this is a great album to get started with. Be careful though, because one taste and you’ll be hooked.