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Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature:Mona "Teenager" & The Detroit Cobras "Cha Cha Twist"

This weeks Double Feature includes videos by 2 awesome bands gracing Portland with their presence next week.

First up:

Mona - "Teenager"

An amazing song by this Nashville band set to very sensual imagery.

Mona will be opening for Airborne Toxic Event at the Crystal Ballroom on June 9th.
Check out the show preview in The Triple Crown:05/31 - 06/13

The Second video:

The Detroit Cobras - "Cha Cha Twist"

This is a fun little video and a prefect teaser for their upcoming show.

The Detroit Cobras will be playing at Dante's June 6th. Make sure you get your tickets early because they're sure to sell out fast. You can also read more about this show in the latest Triple Crown.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Triple Crown : 05/31 - 06/13

This Triple Crown holds so much awesome music my head might just explode. We got rocked-up Motor City Soul, a free show by alt-country royalty, and an opening slot by a new band that's going to change your life. So fight the weekday weariness and grab your friends, because this Triple Crown is all top shelf.

Monday, June 6th
LinkDetroit Cobras
Girl In A Coma
350 West Burnside
Doors:7PM /Show: 8PM
Adv.: $13/Day Of: $15
21 & Over

When you smelt together the meaty aggression of garage rock and and the powerful depth of Motor City soul, what you get is the Detroit Cobras. Putting the bump and grind back into soul since 1994, this raw and wild band has been re-energizing covers with just the slightest of punk rock magic. Possibly the whitest soul sister to ever grab a mic, Rachel Nagy leads this wild bunch of musical wizards. Her dynamically distinct voice has a swagger to it that can stop a raging bull in it's tracks and turn boys into men. You need to know about this band, your world will be better for it. If you already know of them, then what are you doing? Get off your asses and tell everyone you meet to make it to this show.
Opening the night is Girl in A Coma, a trio of lone star natives who combine a voice like Patsy Cline's and the attitude of the Runaways. Like thunderstorms rolling in off the Gulf of Mexico, their music is a haunting mix of beauty and force. A match made in heaven, I can't think of a better band to open for the Cobras. So break your curfew and know this show is well worth the drag of a tired Tuesday morning.

Thursday, June 9th
Airborne Toxic Event(Headlining)
The Crystal Ballroom
1332 West Burnside
Doors: 8PM/ Show:9PM
Adv.:$17.50/Day Of:$20
All Ages

It's been a long time since I've been this excited about a new band. With sweeping near spiritual rock'n'roll, the music of Mona reminds me of a younger, hungrier U2. Mixing bold atmospheric guitars and emotionally charged vocals, this is powerful stuff. Rich with influences as dynamic as Jeff Buckley and Joshua Tree era Bono and The Edge, this is music for the ages. Able to touch their listeners on so many levels, likely this band will change the world. Fresh from conquering Europe, Nick Brown and the boys have returned home to claim their county of origin. I say let them come, because their opening slot is well worth the full price of admission.
Headlining the show is the full bodied mood rock of The Airborne Toxic Event. From building heartbreak ballads to power rocking numbers that have just an aftertaste of Neil Diamond sweetness, their diverse style is sure to hold something for everyone. No matter how you look at it this is an awesome show and should not be missed.

Sunday, June 12th
Bobby Bare Jr.
Carey Kotsionis
Lola's Room @ The Crystal Ballroom
1332 West Burnside
Show: 7PM
Cover: Free!
21 & Over

A prince of country music royalty, Bobby Bare Jr. has the blue-blood of songwriters in his veins and the rebellious spirit of rock'n'roll in his heart. Combining the two, Bare Jr. creates rich heartfelt songs and a live performance so electrifying that no one should miss it. Personally influenced by the likes of Shel Silverstein and an A-list of Nashville legends more impressive than the guest list of the C.M.T. awards, he is one of a kind. Innocently playful and powerfully heart breaking his music has a wonderfully unique flavor that leaves everyone who hears it yearning for more. Joined by long time friend and frequent touring partner Carey Kotsionis this free show at Lola's Room is a necessity for anyone that loves music. Kotsionis is a wonderful singer and songwriter herself. With the soul of a young June Carter she sings little country flavored folk tunes that make you smile or weep. If Bobby Bare Jr., was Bob Dylan with his amazing music and wild hair, then Carey Kotsionis could be his Joan Baez.
Do I have to mention again that this show is free, because baring catastrophic disaster or personal dismemberment there's no reason you should miss this show. So top off you Triple Crown with a freebee, your wallet and your ears will thank you.

Tuesday Double Feature: The Dimes "Ballad of Winslow Homer" & The Hard Lessons "See you Again"

This week's Double Feature includes an ode to a lovely summer day and video from one of my favorite bands out of Detroit.
So grab yourself some milk duds and enjoy the show.

The Dimes - "The Ballad of Winslow Homer"

Shot in super-8 by Ian McCluskey and the people at NW Documentary for their film "Summer Snapshot." This beautiful capture of a summers day reveals why we Oregonians will put up with 7 months of rain.

The Hard Lessons -"See You Again"

This playful video contains the wonderfully fun energy of this awesome band out of the Motor City. If you love this song make sure you check out the band.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

About Last Night: Hairspray Blues @ Ash Street Saloon 05/12

Last night I fought the urge. You know the one, that nagging weariness after a long days work; the one that encourages you to bag your plans for a night on the couch and bed by 11. That urge of getting old. But I did it, tired as I was, I headed down to the Ash Street Saloon and I'm damn glad I did.

The crowd was spars for a Thursday night, but in hind sight I think we'd all agree that we count ourselves lucky. The dark rings beneath our eyes and the hangovers of the next morning were our badges of honor, gladly worn with pride. All worth it for the awesome feats of musicianship we witnessed the night before.

Starting off the night was a revved up opening set by Pitchfork Motorway. Busting strait out of the gates with a full frontal guitar assault, their high tempo gasoline punk took the room by force. Unrelenting the boys banged away with each song. Like a muscle car chewing up the miles, the band pushed through their set without even the slightest pause for breath. A perfect starter for the night, Barry Williams and is gang have a sense of showmanship that is wildly aggressive and speed lovingly fun. I've been following this band for 3 years now, but this was my first opportunity to catch them live. As I suspected they were awesome. Make sure you check them out yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately what energy Pitchfork Motorway put out was quickly dissipated by the free-form psychedelic rock of Mega Dynasty 5. Jumbled together with elements of surf, funk and ball park organ grinding, this is the kind of music I imagine Morrison and the Doors might have gotten stoned to. An experimental blend of music that lacks any true cohesion, except that possibly contrived through the use of high levels of heavy narcotics. There were moments in which I would begin to enjoy a song only for it to disintegrate into auditory chaos from which the band was never able to recover. In addition, the band seemed so disorganized on stage that I felt I now understood why I couldn't find any information on the band prior to the show. I do feel the band might be able to make something of themselves, but there's a lot of work to be done.

Luckily, the night wasn't totally lost. As the Thundering Asteroids! took control of the stage, they quickly grabbed hold of the room and shook it back to life. Their exuberant energy is so powerful it resurrected the show in just mere moments of the band's set. I grow more enamored with this band with each show I see. Endowed with spaz-tastic energy, their stage show was awesome. Like Mario in hyper-speed I found myself bouncing along with Minn and the boys, thankful that their quick actions saved me from another assault of the nagging weariness from earlier in the evening. It was apparent to all of us in the audience that this band was having a blast up on stage. That fun and enjoyment spilled out into the room making us all giddy with punk wonder and ready for Hairspray Blues.

Admittedly, "ready" might not be the right word, as I'm not sure if anyone could ever truly be ready for the pure power of Hairspray Blues. From the first count off the the last explosive crash, this band rode a freight train of energy right through us. As though possessed by a tornado, the speed and fury of Leslie Stabile on Drums and Kyle Stabile on guitars was almost frighting to witness. Aggressive and violent they tore into each song like it owed them money or had screwed their best friend. A small part of me felt sorry for their instruments, but the rest of me just enjoyed the show with a sick sense of pleasure. Minn of Thundering Asteroids! phrased it perfect when she said " After a set like that I imagine they have some wild dirty, dirty sex." The only disappointing thing about the Hairspray Blues' set was stage banter that foreshadowed a break for the band. It's not fair, now that I'm hooked, how am I going to get my fix?

This show was awesome and well worth the next-day drag at work. Hairspray Blues, Thundering Asteroids!, and Pitchfork Motorway are, in my opinion, some of the best punk bar-bands in Portland. All are worthy of a must-see status. So if you catch word that they're playing somewhere in town, join me in fighting that urge. Believe me, you'll feel younger for it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Kathryn Calder "Arrow" & Kasey Anderson "The Wrong Light"

I have always been a fan of animation, so this week's Double Feature showcase videos that use unique forms of this medium to frame some wonderful songs.

Don't forget the popcorn and enjoy.

Kathryn Calder - "Arrow"

The softer side of post-apocalyptic survival and Hope.

Kathryn Calder of New Pornographers fame will be playing with The Dimes and Himalayan Bear Tomorrow night May 18th at the Mission Theater.

Kasey Anderson & the Honkies - "The Wrong Light"

What is it that we miss as we, like the camera, moves through our lives?

"The Wrong Light" from Kasey Anderson on Vimeo.

Kasey Anderson and the Honkies will be headlining a show at Mississippi Studios tomorrow night. Check out The Triple Crown:05/17 - 05/30 for more details.

The Triple Crown: 05/17 - 05/30

This Triple Crown is filled with some fun shows, so get off your couch and enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, May 18th
Kasey Anderson & the Honkies
Gasoline Silver/Lincoln's Beard
Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi
Doors: 8:30PM/ Show: 9PM
Adv.: $5/Day Of: $7
21 & Over

The bluesy rock'n'roll of Kasey Anderson and the Honkies is a thick brew of raw guitars spread over a rhythm of industrial beats. With echos of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Anderson revels himself as a blue collar troubadour of extraordinary caliber. Brimming with amazing stories that translate into vibrant living songs, his music is the confession of a man who carries the long miles in his shoes and the memory of loss in his chest. Live Anderson and his tightly astute band controls the stage like a crossroads preacher who's fighting for souls with his words of common mans' truth. This amazing showmanship is sure to captivate and overwhelm the audience in the quaint atmosphere of Mississippi Studios, so make sure you don't miss it.
Joining Kasey and his Honkies will be Gasoline Silver who's music is an oddly fascinating mix of Dylan and the Ramones, giving it the artsy feel of late 70's Manhattan. Finishing off the opening line up is the energetic folk of Vancouver's Lincoln's Beard who's sound lends heavily from the likes of The Band.
This a perfect show to celebrate hump day and start this Triple Crown, so breakout of your weekly rut in style. Add dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants in the area, and this will make the weekend that much sweeter once it arrives.

Friday, May 20th
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Hillbilly Hellcats/Honey Wars
350 West Burnside
Doors: 8PM/Show: 9PM
Adv.:$20/Day Of:$25
21 & Over

If you know about Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, then you already have your tickets. But, if you still haven't discovered this amazing band and their fun filled live show then you need to get your ass down to Dante's for this Friday night show. Known as much for their punchy liquor fueled rock'n'roll as their loyal family of fans. A Peacemaker concert has the feel of a great party. With music richly influenced with south of the border elements that have blown across the Rio Grande on dry Arizona desert winds. Clyne and his men are road worn rockers of near legendary status with enough desert hippie and hard drinking surfer in them to make their songs wildly fun and soulfully honest.
Sharing the stage will be the raucous rockabilly of the Hillbilly Hellcats whose swinging music is wonderfully energetic and infectiously danceable. Also on the bill is an opening set by the folksy country of Portland's own Honey Wars. This is sure to be one of the funnest shows to hit Portland this month so make sure you don't miss it.

Thursday, May 26th
Guitar Wolf
Cheap Time/The Flip Tops
350 West Burnside
Doors: 8PM/Show: 9PM
Adv.: $13.50/ Day Of: $15
21 & Over

The sound of Guitar Wolf is the angry growl of motorcycles through the over crowded streets of Tokyo and the primal scream of a people who have clawed their way out of the ashes time and time again. Aggressively powerful and abusively fast these gods of Japanese rock play their music like a physical assault; vicious and unrelenting. Blending the personality of 60's Garage rock with the fury of punk, this band has a style all of it's own. Live they are a force of nature clad in leather and speed and if you're lucky enough to survive the show you'll wear your scars with pride, showing them to anyone you can.
Opening the show is the speed punk of Portland's The Flip Tops. Their gritty garage fuzz is a perfect compliment to Guitar Wolf and an amazing way to open up the show. Additional support comes in the form of the new wave psychedelic of Cheap Time.
A chance to see a band this good in a small venue like Dante's doesn't come around too often so make sure you don't miss it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

By the Light of the Stereo is now on Facebook

Hey there all,
Just wanted to let you know that you can now find By the Light of the Stereo on Facebook.
Some special treats await you on our Facebook page including Photo albums filled with concert shots that I couldn't fit on the blog. So come on over and say hi.


Mark A. Lawrence IV

Writer, Editor, Photographer, basically all things By the Light of the Stereo

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Kleveland-"You're Not Sorry" & The Builders & the Butchers "Lullaby"

This marks the first installment of a new weekly feature here on By the Light of The Stereo. Every Tuesday I'll be posting two videos that have caught my eye and thought I'd pass on to everyone else.

This week I have two videos by Portland bands that feature great Music and a supernatural twist.

First up:

Kleveland's "You're not Sorry"
With awesome rock'n'roll, muscle cars and hot vampires how can you go wrong.

The Builders & the Butchers "Lullaby"
Murder and zombie revenge, do I need to say any more?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Questions: Eddie Spaghetti

1) What is the Favorite part of your new album Sundowner?

ES: Just Getting back into the studio with the songs that get played in my home.

2) What is the benefits and draw backs of creating music as a solo artist versus being part of a band?

ES: The benefits are things get simplified, the draw back is the juggling. The Band is like my wife and the solo is my girlfriend.

3) How do you know when writing a song, whether you will use it for the Supersuckers or your solo material?

ES: I Don't. I am never writing "for" anyone, just writing. The Older I get the harder it comes, so if it's good, wife gets first pick.

4) Blond Or brunette? Whiskey or beer? What's your preference and what's the deadliest combination?

ES: I prefer pink hair. Beer for sure. Deadliest combo? No such thing.

5) As part of the Supersuckers you've played some large venues. Do you enjoy playing the smaller spaces as a solo artist and what about it do you like?

ES: I like to play anywhere. I like it when there are fans, big or small - Someone's having a good night and that's the goal.

6) Everyone has heard of rock-star moments. Is there such a thing as a country-star moment and if so, can you describe one of your most memorable?

ES: I think country guys are too busy growing their tomatos and smokin' their weed to throw a proper fit.

7)What is the best bar in Seattle or the state of Washington to inspire a country song?

ES: Hazelwood

8) The cover art for Sundowner was done by Tim Gabor, an artist amongst many that you've worked with before. How important do you feel it is to cultivate a visual persona to a band through cover art, gig posters and other visual media?

ES: Well it use to be real important, I think and now not so much. I like the look of my solo stuff, so much so, I can't imagine using anyone else. When you see the covers together, they tell a story.

9) Do you have a favorite guitar and dose it have a name? Is there a story behind it?

ES: My Gibson acoustic is my favorite. Sometimes I call it the "Dude" but usually I refer to it as my "Little Breadwinner." No big story behind it really. I needed an acoustic guitar to record Must've Been High with and I went with the producer of that record to a guitar shop and this one caught my eye(and my ear!). It's an awesome tool!

10) What is the name of 5 bands you love but few people have heard of?