Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Double Feature: Black Box Revlation"High On a Wire" & Band Of Skulls "Devil Takes Care of His Own"

With a good amount of down time to recoup, I'm hoping to finish October and start November strong. So lets get going with this weeks installment of the Tuesday Double Feature that includes videos by two bands new to BLS. I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

Black Box Revelation - High on a Wire

Broken blues in black and white.

This Belgian duo play some of the dirtiest broken blues north of the Maison-Dixion Line. Raw and gritty these boys stir in a hefty portion of psychedelic garage distortion to an already bold sound. Still grinning like new fathers from the release of the Shiver of Joy EP earlier this year, they haven't wasted any time with a new full length album slated for US release early 2012. With any luck they should be landing on American soil soon and will make their way to a town near you. Until then, enjoy this video and the rest of their online treasures.

Band of Skulls - Devil Takes Care of His Own

Gritty murk rock and Kung-fu mayhem, can you ask for anything more?

Band of Skulls plays that murky kind of rock that seem always on the verge of over whelming you. Phenomenal, their music is bold with textured guitars and an auditory dream scape that's rich with details without being too busy. Having recently been picked to support The Black Keys on their upcoming tour this UK band is certain to make an already highly anticipated show in to one of the greatest concerts of the season. So keep an eye out for them playing near you, and make sure you get your tickets early.