Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Double Featuer: Ane Brun "Worship" & Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra "Polly"

This week's Tuesday Double Feature includes two beautifully crafted songs whose videos are hauntingly disturbing and yet filled with gracefully poignant imagery.

Ane Brun - "Worship"

Who knew there were whales in the the tunnel of light.

Award winning Norweginan songwriter Ana Burns will be gracing our fair shores in May. Touring in support of her new album It All Starts With One which will also see a US may arrival by way of the [PIAS] label. Unfortunately the closest she'll come to the Northwest is San Francisco, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy her from afar.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - "Polly"

Kurt would have been proud.

Having originally recorded this Nirvana cover for SPIN Magazine's 2011 Neverminde tribute compilation, Amanda Palmer delved into the painfully disturbing truth behind this song. Penned by Kurt Cobain after reading the newspaper account of a 1987 abduction and rape of a 14 year old girl. This song is a dark cry of pain and protest to which Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra amplified with eery sound effects and her breathlessly haunting vocals.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Triple Crown: 03/12 - 03/25

Southern boys and Steampunk makes this Triple Crown a little bit different, but isn't that the point. Three shots of something strong enough to make you feel alive. So get your tickets and raise your glass cause this triple crown is sure to make this crap weather we're having a distant memory.

Wednesday, March 21st
Drive-By Truckers
Robert Ellis
Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside
Adv.:$22/Day Of:$24
All Ages

The chugging guitars and ground moving drum beat isn't the south rising again but when it's the Drive-By Truckers it's damn near the same thing. Once again the southern boys of blue collar rock will be gracing our fair city for another awesome show at the phenomenal Crystal Ballroom. Lead by the song writing double threat of Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley the Drive-By Truckers is the band of the everyman. Amongst the tasty growl of guitars and soulful bass-lines this band tells some of the darkest tales in rock'n'roll, showing the human side of even the most heartless of bastards. But above everything this is some of the best rock'n'roll that money can by and it's even better cause it's got a southern accent.
Joining the Truckers on stage is the sedate musical musing of Robert Ellis who's minimalistic guitar tunes lie somewhere between Cat Stevenson and Gram Parsons. His wonderful song writing is sure to find new fans among the diverse mix of the DBT crowd and yet preparing the audience to feel the full effect of the shock and awe of their rock'n'roll. So all you faithful make sure you get your tickets early and as for those of you that don't know about this band by now make sure you catch this show and you can forgive yourself later.

Friday, March 23rd
Abney Park
Star Theater
13 NW Sixth Ave
21 & Over

The music of Abney Park is the soundtrack of a time that never was. Imagine a world whose defining technological advancement remained the steam engine. A world of Victorian clockwork robots and where airship pirates rule the skies. This is the world Abney Park inhabits.
With a sound that mixes elements of techno, gypsy melodies and the precise execution of bold orchestration, their songs weave Jules Verne dream-scapes both dynamically energetic and hauntingly tender. While their live show incorporates costumes, dance and other theatrics, making for a truly unique experience. Wildly imaginative an yet professionally sound this band is the whole package.
More like a stage play than a mere concert, this is a must see show. Enhancing the experience is an enthusiastic fan base that join into the fantasy with their own interpretation of the Steampunk mystic. So whether your or a long time fan, a closet steam-punker, or just looking for a good show make sure you get down to the Star Theater.

Saturday, March 24th
The Drowning Men
Wonder Ballroom
128 NE Russell St
Adv.:$17/Day Of:$20
All Ages

These Memphis rebels have been playing some of the best rock'n'roll of the last decade and the years and miles have only made them even better. Like the blue collar music they play the work ethic and tradition if this band is stained with the sweat and scars of hard labor and love. Known for a potent whiskey soaked rock that's wonderfully drenched in beautiful guitar growls and precise drumming, the sound of Lucero has grown to include the call of soulful horns and the sway of playful keys. Never afraid to evolve, this band echos the soul of the common man. They might be broken, they might be weary, but they'll be damned if they'll just lay down and die.
On tour in support of their newest album Women & Work and fresh from SXSW, this band is sure to raise the roof of the Wonder Ballroom. Know for their crowd pleasing shows, this should be no different filled with old favorites and a proud showing of the new songs. Joining them on stage is The Drowning Men whose bold atmospheric music is sure to compliment elements of the Memphis soul in Lucero's newest sound. So get your tickets now and make sure you leave enough time the night of the show to grab some BBQ at Russel street just across the way.