Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: The Black Wisky Union "Little Lady London" & Celleste "Superstar (By Myself)"

This weeks Tuesday Double Feature has two videos staring strong leading ladies.

The Black Whisky Union - "Little Lady London"

The jazzy rock 'n' roll of LA based The Black Whisky Union was born out of a mutual love of music in a dive bar in Burbank. With a story like that how can you not expect something good out of this band. Set to release part 3 of their EP trilogy early in 2014, the band has great things ahead of them. To find out more check out our interview with the band.  

Celleste - "Superstar(By Myself)"

The booming powerhouse of Montreal's Celleste delivers her bluesy pop with keen attention to her musical strengths. Following up last year's Join the Infestation album Celleste has released an EP of acoustic versions of some of Infestation's more defining tunes. In addition to her own music, Celleste is also hard at work with her own record label Mighty Music. Hopefully with the new year she'll be able to find time for touring.  

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