Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: The Wolfgangs "Cannibal Family" & The Silver Shine "Angels To Some"

This weeks Tuesday Double feature I dedicate to my friend Aaron and his love of Psychobilly bands.

The Wolfgangs - "Cannibal Family"

The six cylinder speed of France's The Wolfgangs is the sultry psychobilly of graveyard rendezvous and late night drag races. Lead by the smoky sirens call of Cha' von Wolfgangs, this band has the hypnotic power of dancing cobras. Check out 2012's Shout With the Devil album on the Longneck Records label.  

The Silver Shine - "Angels To Some"

The Bubapest based The Silver Shines have been very prolific since forming in 2004, having  put out an album almost every year.  Their 7th and latest album In the Middle of Nowhere, just saw release on the Wolverine Records label  this last spring. No strangers to the Northwest,the band came through this past June as part of their short US tour, so here's hoping they'll comeback soon.

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