Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Dould Feature: The Black Angels "Better Off Alone" & Cody Bebee &The Crooks " Hold The Line"

Since we focused on opening acts in The Triple Crown, this week's Tuesday double Feature has videos by two of the headlining acts.

The Black Angels - "Better Off Alone"

The murky dredge rock of the Black Angels is thickly atmospheric psychedelic layered on tightly woven fuzz guitars and top heavy rhythm. Touring in support of their latest album Indigo Meadow, the band will be headlining at the Wonder Ballroom with Wall of Death and Hanni El Khatib on Wednesday May 15th. You can find the details in our latest Installment of The Triple Crown.

Cody Bebee & The Crooks - "Hold The Line"

The working class rock n roll of Cody Bebee & The Crooks is thick with blood, sweat and unruly guitar. Built with root elements of blues and down home rock this is the music of the back breaking masses. These are the anthems of those with grease beneath their nails, whiskey in their veins and those who still believe in baseball, apple pie and the American dream. Beebe will be playing the Doug Fir Lounge this Saturday night celebrating the release of their latest album Out Here. Check out The Triple Crown for the details.

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