Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

About Last Night: Hurry Up @ Mississippi Studios 05/05

Last night’s show at Mississippi Studios was a showcase of some of the amazing female musicians this city has to offer.

First on deck was the thunderous rock n roll of the Summer Cannibals. The newest group on the bill, this band is truly developing into a local powerhouse. Oozing a boldly aggressive sensuality Jessica Bourdreaux and the crew play their garage dirty tunes with a strutting confidence that builds with each song. Calculating and controlled their performance had a baser feel like a hunter stalking prey. Coordinated guitar attacks and uncanny stage awareness added to the visual aesthetic of their set. While forcefully dive into songs without losing control, proved them to be masters of their art. I swear this band gets better with each show and it’s getting me excited for the release of there debut album, rumored for this July. If you haven’t seen them yet, make it a priority.

Next to the stage were Kim Baxter and her band. Enjoyably confident they performed their dreamy mod rock with a polished crispness that spoke volumes of the experience of these musicians and the bond between them. Radiating a euphoric optimism, Baxter seemed at home on stage and the resulting effect it had on the music was apparent. Beautifully energetic, the clarity of the bands fuzz lovely songs spilled from the stage lightening hearts and limbs while leaving us all doe-eyed for the rock n roll sweetheart that is Kim Baxter. As an audience member it’s nice to see artists that are good at what they do and enjoy doing it. If you loved her in the All Girl Summer Fun Band then make sure you check out her solo material, you won’t be disappointed.

Last up was the local super group Hurry Up. Though the shortest set in the night it truly was the most energetically wild. True to their name, the Hurry Up played fast and furious songs, bringing the punk aesthetic to the night. Trading off vocals between Maggie Vail and Westin Glass gave a unique dynamic to the show making it truly feel like collaboration instead of the Thermals with a different bass player. Musically tight, this band had the work ethic of steam engine punching through one song after another. Ultimately I would have liked to a longer set, but I was happy with what I did see. Hopefully the band will be releasing some material soon, but until then I’ll settle for the occasional show.

Without a margarita or a cerveza I guess it wasn’t much of a Cinco Di Mayo, but with all this good music on stage made for a great Sunday night.

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