Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Double Featuer: James Blake "A Case of You" & Zulu Winter "Silver Tongue"

This Sunday is Mother's day, so this week's Tuesday Double Feature is dedicated to the amazingly captivating creatures that woman are. A source of strength, beauty and life; who without, all us men would be lost and certainly bored.

James Blake - "A Case of You"

Some women are so intoxicating that they inspire art.

In the vein of fellow Englishman Billy Bragg, James Blake is a poet who's verse has a naturally musical rhythm. His 2011 Self-titled debut album has gained great recognition and award and should be picked up by anyone that's looking for wonderfully unique music.

Zulu Winter - "Silver Tongue"

Haunting in body and spirit, sometimes we get lost in them.

The new wave pop feel of Zulu Winter's music has the wonderful energy of a John Hughes movie. As though taken from the climatic scene where love takes hold even through great odds there is something powerful and moving about their music. Releasing their debut album  Language June 19th via the Arts & Crafts label, we will soon all be able to enjoy these boys from the UK. 

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