Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Dont' let 'em know I'm tired/ don't tell 'em this is all that's left"

It's 6:25AM on a Friday morning and it seems like this is the first time that I could sit down and write in over a month. Honestly, it's not exactly how it is but sometimes I'm so tired that it feels like it is.

Time. It's a commodity that I never seem to have enough of and one that no matter how much I try, I end up wasting. When I was younger and single I never realized how much time went by wasted. No wonder we all go gray. Thinking about all the time slipping through my fingers just made another patch of my hair to go white.

It's hard sometimes having all of these dreams because it takes so much time and energy to make even the slightest movement on them. No wonder so many of them die and the older you get the less you harbor them. Being a husband, a dad, working a poor retail job that can spread 20 hours over a whole week, looking for a second job to make up for the first, doing repairs on our small but mighty house, finding time to feed my faith and the list goes on and on. All of these responsibilities that eat away at my time. Some of them are so important and for which I can not slack, because in the end it won't matter what I said about a band or how many reviews I did if I was a shitty husband and a crappy dad. For most things in my life I can see the direct correlation of effort spent to the difference it makes. Not so though for writing about music and that's why it's hard to justify the time spent on it. I know I'll never be rich and pretty sure I'll never be famous but it would be nice to know that I made a difference even on the smallest level. Isn't that what we all want. Writing about music is mostly a one way relationship, you rarely get feed back and most times you're not even sure if the band knows you've reviewed their album.
So how do I find the time or organize the little time that I do have?

Any suggestions?


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