Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Boonevilles - Good Suites and Fightin' Boots

The Bonnevilles
Good Suites and Fightin' Boots
Motor Sounds Records

The greasy gutter blues of the Boonevilles drives bold and assertive like a ’69 GTO. With the whiskey-drenched souls of crossroad blues men and the bruised knuckles of guitar beating thugs, the thunderous pair of Andrew McGibbon Jr. and Chris McMullan brings to life songs that bleed motor oil and sweat gasoline.

Like the blues duos of legend these boys play their music like the Devil is breathing down their necks. The strut of McGibbon’s gain heavy guitar has a diverse range of personalities. In the tune “Asylum Seekers of Love” the guitar has a wild nature that’s as aggressive and unpredictable as a barroom brawl. While the six-string persona of “No Government, No Country, No King” is meticulous and haunting as a murder’s footstep on your grave. Complementing the raw guitar work is McMullan’s beats, delivered with the lean exactness of a street fighter and the stopping force of a .45 caliber. Topped with the dirty wail of McGibbon’s vocals, the music of The Boonevilles’ is one smoky juke joint away from rocking blues heaven.

The album “Good Suites and Fightin’ Boots” is revved up and humping to eat up the white line and asphalt of any road you that you put in front of it. With a full tak of the sexiest garage blues I’ve heard in a long time, this CD is meant for dirty fighting, hard drinking, fast driving and a few other things that raise a good sweat.

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