Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Finals Week with The Hard Lessons": The List: Top 5 Best Worst Foods To Eat on the Road


After touring the world for the better part of ten years, here are the best worst things to eat after a night of rocking.

5) Donor Kebab! Kurt Cobain references the "Kebab Machines" of the U.K. in the liner notes to Incesticide, and being the students of Rock N Roll (and greasy food) that we are, we mowed through that rotating-spit-meat all across Europe while touring with OK GO and Motion City Soundtrack.

4) Pizza Rolls! I don't think a lot of people realize that Totino's Pizza Rolls are safe to eat without microwaving. More times than I care to admit we'd stop at a gas station, pick up some frozen boxes of pizza rolls, put them on the dashboard to defrost in the sun, and proceed to eat them. Boom! Dinner without stopping the van!

3) Complimentary Tater Tots and/or Bacon! Sometime around 2007 it started becoming trendy for bars to have nights where they would put out plates of bacon or tater tots instead of peanuts. It really took the guesswork out of dinner.

2) The venue's pizza! "Oh, we get a complimentary pizza. I bet it tastes great."

1) In N Out Burger! All fast food is the same and it all sucks, except for this precious gift from the Western states. We once stopped at In N Out Burger for three meals in a row after leaving California. Animal style never goes out of style!

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