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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Cannibals Week" 10 Questions: Summer Cannibals

Portland Oregon's the Summer Cannibals have made amazing head way in their short time on the scene. With the most recent release of their Make You Better EP, the band is quickly claiming 2014 as their own.  In addition their sweet fuzz-crunch rock 'n' roll the band has an awesome live show that should be not missed if possible. If that wasn't enough, the founding members are also the driving force behind the New Moss Records label.
Thankfully the band was able to find a little spare time to answer our questions and treat us to the other pleasures of "Cannibals Week."      

BLS: You’ve celebrating the release of your Make You Better EP. What do you enjoy the most about this new material?

SC: I love that this EP gets super heavy in parts. That's really fun for us, especially live. But the cool thing is that it comes and goes and “That Feeling” and “Make You Better” show a little softer side. I really think this EP serves as a good growth for us and is a good representation of where the next album hopes to go.

BLS: You just released your debut album No Makeup back in August. What made you decide to do such a quick turn around with this new EP?

SC: Making deadlines helps get things done that I might not do otherwise so a couple months ago we made the decision to just go for it and record an EP. The fourth song "Sit Still" wasn't even written at that point but I think the pressure of getting this done was good for us. I think as a band it's easy to slack a little since you're the one making the rules but being productive and continually writing and creating and releasing is a goal that I'm trying to maintain with this band. I also think we wanted to document where the band is right now after a ton of shows and really getting to know each other as musicians.

BLS: You’ve released both No Make Up and the new Make You Better EP on the Portland record label New Moss Records. Tell us about your relationship with the label? What’s the benefit in working with people from your hometown?

SC: It's actually our label! Marc and I (Jessica) started it last year to release Sun Angle's debut LP Diamond Junk. It's been a really fun project and it is really nice to have total control over the stuff your band is putting out. It can be a lot to juggle sometimes but I definitely feel like it's been worth it.

BLS: Make You Better is the second set of recordings that you’ve released on cassette tape. What makes cassettes so appealing to you?

SC: It's cheap and has a super quick turn around time. I also like the packaging and the way they look a lot better than CD's. We're aware that most people who buy them are buying it for the digital download -- at least they're getting to hold something in their hands that I see as an interesting physical representation of the music that's inside.

BLS: With only 100 hand numbered cassettes with packaging by the band, this EP is slated to be an exclusive commodity. What is it about the hands on process and limited numbers that interests you?

SC: With this EP we wanted to do it this way because we know we're going to use these songs on the next full length. We didn't want to do an extensive release and make it widely available because we still want these songs to be new for some people when the record comes out. The limited/handmade stuff is for the people who are real fans of the band and who enjoyed the last record...I think it's important to try and do things that feel unique and special for the people that are supporting you.

BLS: What is the most important thing you would like for readers to know about the band? Any rock ’n’ roll secrets we should know about?

SC: Ha ha! no secrets here really...we're all pretty weird though. I think the most important thing we'd like people to know about the band is that we're making something we're super proud of and having a lot of fun with it. I hope people feel stoked and have fun when they see us play or listen to our music.

BLS: Marc as the only guy in the band. How is it working with the ladies? How would you say the dynamics differ from other bands you’ve been involved with?

SC: Marc: Man, people ask me this all the time. I'm not going to lie, when I first realized that I was now in a band of all women I was kinda worried (why I have no idea) but its actually no different AT ALL than working with other bands I've been in with men... or mostly men. This band is rad and everyone is so fucking talented and super easy going and fun to be around.

BLS: As a staple of the Portland music scene, what are some of the best and least functional element of Portland’s musical environment?

SC: I love that there are so many people creating here, it's awesome to know that every night of the week there are bands out there playing shows. It's definitely an environment that is conducive to that sort of thing and there's always going to be a venue for your band to play at, no matter what level you're at. The one thing that I'd like to see more of is an atmosphere that promotes a sense of healthy competition. I like the feeling of bands really pushing each other to be better and I don't see a ton of that here. I want someone to be like "hey that was a great set now I'm gonna get up there and play way harder".

BLS: So with the new EP coming out this month, what else dose 2014 have in store for you?

SC: 2014 is off to a super rad start! We've got a few really cool Portland shows over the next few months and then head to Boise, ID for Treefort Music Fest at the end of March. In between the shows we'll be working on the new record and hopefully we'll be able to get that out sometime next summer. We're very stoked about what this year has in store!

BLS: Name 5 bands you love but who few people have heard of?

Hurry Up (PDX),
Charts (PDX),
Sun Angle (PDX), 
Grandparents (PDX),
Wimps (Seattle) and
Bloodbirds (KC)
I know that’s six but I couldn’t leave any of them out!!

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