Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Monday, November 25, 2013

From the Shelf: Ha Ha Tonka - Lessons (2013)

Ha Ha Tonka
Bloodshot Records

The flowing rustic sound of Ha Ha Tonka’s latest album is distinct in its audio presence. Traversing between spaciously simple songs and thickly complex tunes, this album is a perfect example of the rich nature of mid-west soul-rock.

Speaking volumes of drummer Lennon Bone and bassist Luke Long’s symbiotic playing relationship is the chugging, danceable rhythm of this album. Making for a wonderfully stable foundation the beat and groove of this album is filled with playfully energetic tracks like “Staring at the End of our Lives,” that allow for the freedom of  creativity of the rest of the band to run wild . Even in the melodically sedate “Arabella” the power of the rhythm section is undeniable.

With an ebb and flow of a perfect album the boys of Ha Ha Tonka have succeeded in creating a sonic masterpiece. The lyrical landscapes the band present on this album are currently relevant and yet still have an understanding of the worn edged blue collared sensibility that rests at the heart of this nation of ours. From urban hipsters to the dusty highway nomads, Lessons has a broad range of appeal that makes it a wonderful addition to any music collection.

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