Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Saturday, August 3, 2013

From the Shelf: Blown Fuses Bloody Ears (2013)

Blown Fuses Bloody Ears
Volume Bomb Records

Like the greatest punk rock mix tape you were ever given, Blown Fuses Bloody Ears is the best punk compilation I've heard in years, if not ever. Showcasing the diverse pallet of Portland's independent punk scene this CD has songs from some of the greatest bands currently playing our local scene.

Laid out so that each song leads perfectly into the next; from Sumblebum's opening country tinged "Love Song In Reverse" to the closing gothic metal of The Thornes' "Wolfpack", this CD is masterfully built. The resulting album has an emotional presence that rises and falls in a naturally organic manner proving each song a space of its own to be appreciated long enough before wowing you with the next.

You're going to want to play this CD over and over, just save your self the hassle and by two copies now because your going to burn the first one out eventually. Yeah you're going to have your favorite tracks like the Thorntown Tallboys' "Whiskey(Black Eyes)" or The Anxieties' "Obsolete Man"but this comp is so good it's going to change almost every time you listen to it.

Now you you say your not a punk person, well I'd argue Blown Fuses Bloody Ears is so good if you have even the slightest hint of the primal human instinct in you that you'll be able to find something.  If your not willing to give it a try then the punk streak in me would say: "Why don't you sulk back to your snooty nuvo-jazz club and stop breathing my air."   

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