Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Double Feature: Mandinga "Zaleilah" & Alexandra Stran "Lemonade"

In this week's Tuesday Double Feature we look at pop music as a communicable disease. Like the British invasion and the Beatles lasting effect on American pop music we have had our own effects upon the world's musical landscape. Particular these two Romanian acts who's music and visual styling have clear influences from the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson. 

Mandinga - "Zaleilah"

Hailing from Bucharest the Romanian pop band Mandinga have been creating their uniqe style of pop since 2002.  With a bold inturmental pallet and wonderfully dancable elements this band takes Madonna like influence to an internationally and more ethnically rich place.On the same note their video for "Zaleilah" has the same stylistic elements of luxury found in "Material Girl".

Alexandra Stran - "Lemonade"

New comer to the scene, Romanian singer Alexandra Stran has been creating sexy pop jewels since 2009. Highly energetic her songs are perfect for the dancefloor with infectiouse rhythyms that will not be denied. Her "Lemonade" video has stylistic elements that clearly pay omage  to Janet Jacksons "Escapade."

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