Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Sunday, April 28, 2013

About Last Night: Palma Violetes @ Holocene 4/25

Last night I a received a rock n roll omen by way of the radio and in my experience these things are rare and hard to decipher. So I was tentative as I walked into the Holocene. I’ve never been in the venue before, its unique layout and white washed d├ęcor was a bit unusual but possibly more due to the fact that I’m use to seeder venues.  
First on stage was the Eidolons, and from the first notes I could tell they’d be the jangly hipster depression rock synonymous with Portland. Never pushing beyond the veil where true emotions seethes and cries out with a primal force, their music did nothing for me. For goodness sakes the singer never went above a mic chomping drone. The few times the band did get after a song they’d change tempo half way through and lose all momentum. All I can say is that they had some fairly nice equipment. So my suggestions to the band is go out and get your heart good and busted, drink some whiskey, get angry and take one of those really nice guitars and learn to play the hell out of it.

As you can guess with a opener like this It made me a little bit nervous when the Guards began to set their stage but once the band boldly dashed into their first song I began to feel more like I was at a rock show. Brooklyn based the Guards played their dreamscape mod rock with the drive and conviction of a modern day band of gypsies. Shrouded in smoke and darkness this band relied on the magic of their music. The boldness of Richie Folin’s showmanship mixed with the aloof sensuality of Kaylie Church created a stage mysticism whose building energy was like an intoxicating storm. The richness of their atmospheric psychedelic was well worth a trip to the merch booth. All I can say is thank God the Guard were better than the band before cause if not I might have been tempted to leave in which case I would have missed out on one of the best show I’ve seen yet this year.

Now the Guards might have brought the fire to the stage, but the Palma Violets brought napalm to blow it all to hell. I had heard the whispers from SXSW but it wasn’t until the band stepped to the stage and threw themselves into their first notes that I knew it was all true and the party really got started. What this four-piece can do on stage is short of a miracle. Raw, wild, and boisterous this band has tapped a vein of rock n roll that was feared dried up long ago. Bounding across the stage with what seemed like endless energy all the while playing some of the best music the audience had heard in some time it wasn’t long before we were all bouncing along with the band. I’m not saying the lame were made to walk but there were two people on crutches that through them away to join the dancing. Really, this was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to. I have to say if you get the chance to see this band do everything that you can short of trading your left nut, but I guess it worked wonders for a certain cyclist.

So lessons learned, The Palma Violets are with out equal and I’ll trust in rock n roll omens and search for them diligently is the static rich airways of my radio.

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