Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

From The Shelf: JC Brooks And The Uptown Sound - Want More (2011)

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound
Want More
Bloodshot Records

I haven't listened to a soul album this good since lying on my parent's living room floor, one of my father's Motown records spinning on the turntable and the world illuminated only by the dim light of the stereo.  Somewhere between James Brown and Otis Redding the music of JC Brook and the Uptown Sound is a fresh take on a classic sound. With moments of aggressive blues power and sweet soulful tenderness Want More is filled with songs that blessedly capture the feel of all three decades that defined Soul's musical supremacy. With the tender 50's croon of "To Love Someone (That Don't Love You)", the danceable 60's blues strut of "Everything Will Be Fine" and a groovy 70's funk in " Bad News" this album has all the bases covered. There's even a little gospel thrown in there, which has to make Momma Brooks proud.            

Having successfully captured a powerfully raw live sound this album is filled with amazing instrumentation and tremendously awesome vocals. Without a single bad track in the bunch you're going to find yourself listing to this album over and over. If it doesn't make you dance, please see someone because there might be something seriously wrong with you. Trust me when I say this: You Need This Album. So whether you pick up a CD or digital copy or get it on sweet sweet vinyl, don't let another day go by without it.

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