Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

About Last Night:Thundering Asteroids! @ Kaite O Brien's 08/10

Last night I saw the Phoenix rise in the form of the Thundering Asteroids!. Having taken a hiatus to gather strength and to find a new drummer. Portland's funnest troupe of Punk rocking nerds has returned with a Wrath of Khan worthy vengeance.

With a revitalized energy and  a bonafide DC Punk Legend on the skins the Thundering Asteroids! took no quarter and tore with full force into their set at Katie O'Brien's.  Stacked with true believers elated to hear the band live once again, the small room almost vibrated with excitement. Like the rest of the crowd I found myself either chanting the lyrics or basking in the wonderful geek brilliance of songs like the Labyrinth inspired "I Have a Thing for the Goblin King." Playing as tight as I've ever seen them, it was as though they had never missed a step, blowing the crowd away with their signature fun loving energy. 

It's apparent, that the time off seems to have done the band well, their music sounded amazing as they plowed through one crowd pleasing song after another. Minn was a ball of hyper speed movement throwing herself into each song. It wasn't until after the show that she confessed to waking with a cold that morning, but you wouldn't have know it by the way she belted the lyrics and hopped about like Frogger on a speed level.
The addition of CS-DU3(Colin Sears of Dag Nasty fame) on the drum seems to be a perfect match, melding seamlessly with Scott Starkiller's bass and Dwight Solo's guitar. This amazing show straight  off the bench has got me excited about what we can expect next form the gang. Word from the band is that they're looking to catch up with their current catalog with official recordings and to then turn their attentions towards working on new materials. No matter the plan you can be certain that I'll be keeping a close watch on them with fingers crossed that their next musical tribute might be to The Monster Squad or the video game Rampage.
I unfortunately had to head home early for work the next day and didn't get to see The Anxieties play, but the the opening slot was a wonderfully emotional set by the 42 Ford Prefects(sorry guys that I miss spelled your name in the Preview). Powerfully abusive I love the drive of the band but admit that I think it would have been more powerful if I could have understood the lyrics more. This would have allowed me to become more invested in their songs. Over all though, it was a great night at Katie O'Brien's and I'm glad I was they to see the Thundering Asteroids! shake the ashes from their wings an sore once again..       

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  1. Thundering Asteroids
    “I Got a Thing for the Goblin King”
    August 10th 2012
    Katie O’Brien’s
    Portland, Oregon