Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Double Feature: Tilly & the Wall "Alligator Skin"& Out Like Pluto "Bridge"l

I've been laid out with a crappy cold for the last few days, so this weeks Tuesday Double Feature includes two feel good videos from two wonderfully fun bands.

Tilly & The Wall - "Alligator Skin"

Who needs Crocodile Rock when you got Alligator Skin?

I've loved this Omaha Nebraska band since the release of 2004's Wild Like Children LP. Energetic and fun this band is filled with merriment and play. Known for having a tap dancer for percussion Tilly & The Wall certainly are a unique band worth a listen. You might even be able to catch them on Sesame Street singing the ABC's.

LinkOut Like Pluto - "Bridge"

Aw, Let Pluto Be a Planet!

A Little Geek chic and all fun this Seattle based band and their party tune is just what the doctor ordered. Having just released their LP Take Cover earlier this year, we can only hope Out Like Pluto will make the trek to a city near you. Until then enjoy to video and check out the band's website.

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