Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Voice to Join By the Light of the Stereo

I'm proud to announce that BLS will soon be graced by a new voice. Sean %$&*, better known as Bad Wolfe, will be bringing his extensive knowledge of hip hop to bare but most of all his love of music and real life experience as an performing artist.
We're excited to have him join the BLS team. Look for his articles coming soon. Bad Wolfe will also be taking over the Tuesday Double Feature for February 28th. Please join me in welcoming him. The following is a quick little introduction so you can get to know the man.

Here's the 411:

Sean %$&* AKA: Beast MC or Bad Wolfe

Reside in Portland, Oregon but formerly Chicago, Illinois

Introduction: A one man Wu-Tang Clan that respects ALL genres of music. An MC and fan of Hip Hop that understands that it is a way of life. While I appreciate the music, I take it one step further to gain the lessons interwoven between beats.

Interests: Revenge, Comic Books, Video Games, Rhyming, Psychological Malfunctions, Archery,and TOYS!

Favorite Music: The Black Keys, KRS-1, De La Soul, Peanut Butter Wolf, Waffle Gang, Middleground, Nujabes, Older Metal..............and an abundance of others.

MC tame One has a line that sums up how I like my rhymes: " Tighter than braids, in the 8th grade on picture day!"

Personal Tag line: I'm hotter than Camel Spit.

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