Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Triple Crown: 04/19 - 05/02

In my life, I've drank too much Whiskey and spent too many nights chasing the White lines of endless highways not to admit that some part of me finds the twang of Country music familiar and comforting. So this Triple Crown highlights some country music everyone can enjoy. Don't worry though, this ain't the hick-pop of CMT, so order a long neck, grab your favorite girl and kick your legs up and enjoy the music .

Friday, April 22nd

Eddie Spaghetti
The Devil's Point
5305 SE Foster Rd.
Show: 9PM
Cover: $10
18+ with ID

If the music of Eddie Spaghetti was a house party, there would be empty beer cans in the front yard, panties on the doorknob and a rodeo clown passed out on the couch. Not surprising coming from a man who's day job is as the lead singer of the rock outfit The Supersuckers. Raised on outlaw country AM radio, even a punk rock icon like Spaghetti can't deny the sound in his heart. Unabashed fun these songs are perfect for drinking with your friends and sweeping the cutest girl out onto the dance floor. Admittedly there's not much room to dance at the Devil's Point but if your lucky you might find a good looking lady whose willing to share a little piece of floor with you. So leave your week behind, order yourself a drink and let the night take you where it will.

Sunday, April 24th
The Devil Makes Three
Brown Bird
Wonder Ballroom
128 NE Russell St
Door: 7:30PM/ Show: 8PM
Adv.:$15/Day of:$17(SOLD OUT!)
All Ages

Like a spontaneous back porch ho-down with enough moonshine to make everyone happy, the music of The Devil Makes Three is a wildly fun thing to experience. Their potent Dixey Bluegrass is a rich mix of Whiskey-gold water from the Mississippi delta, a powdering of Blue Ridge coal dust and enough New Orleans swing to make the body dance with a voodoo vigor.
With a youthful punk spirit that brings a fresh modern infusion into this timeless music, this trio has tapped something that's powerful whose roots reach nearly as far back as this country's origin. If you were lucky enough to get yourself a ticket, make sure you wear a pair of comfortable shoe because whether you plan on dancing or not, this music won't give you much of a choice.

Sunday, May 1st

Christian Kane
350 West Burnside
Show: 8PM
Adv.:$13/ Day of:$15
21 & Over

Of these three shows, this is the closest to Commercial-radio friendly Country music, but unlike most of the Hollywood polished crap you might find on your local country station. Christian Kane has a heart and power to his music that only comes from appreciating the lovely burn of Whiskey and the tight ache of a hungry heart. Ranging from raucously energetic party favorites to soft crooning love songs, Kane is making music strait from his soul. A soul that knows the comforting sting of road gravel on bare feet and the exhilaration of howling at the moon fueled on Kentucky bourbon and the desire of an untamable country girl. Honest and fun, this is what country music should sound like.
So whether you're a closet twangster or a pickup driving country fan, this Triple crown is for you so raise your glass and drink it down because there's too much great music out there so be sitting at home.


  1. Your review of Christian Kane is spot on. His music is fun,high octane and from the heart.I try and not miss a show 'cause they are just that much fun

  2. Your Christian Kane review is very true. I'm not normally a Country fan, but May 1st will be my 22nd Kane gig. He really knows how to rock the house!!

  3. I want to go and.c CK so bad that i would cut my left leg off.

  4. i woul love to see CK.but he's never in New york state. I live In Buffalo,N.Y.i wish he would come here so i can see him sing.I just love his cd and music. Donna