Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drunken Prayer @ The White Eagle Saloon

Friday, January 28th
Drunken Prayer
Nick Peets
White Eagle Saloon
836 North Russell St.
Show: 9:30PM
$6 Cover

Told through weeping guitars and the outlaw testifying of Morgan Greer, Drunken Prayer's saloon Gospel aches with loss, regret and whiskey.Drawing on the deep roots of Hank Senior and Cash, this is the country music of redeemed convicts and unabashed highway men. Absent of the hick-pop stank of CMT, you won't here this music at the country Music awards or the Grammy's and that's too damn bad. Luckily though Greer and his faithful barroom revivalist call our rain soaked city home and will grace us with a show this Friday night at the White Eagle Saloon. Joining them is the breezy dream folk of Nick Peets with his warm honest melodies that blow through the your conciseness like an island zepher.
So remember the good seats are sparse at the Eagle and usually taken early so make sure that you get there early and don't be surprised if you glimpse a ghostly spirit in the shadows. It's just the restless phantom of Johnny Paycheck sipping a little whiskey before returning to the dirt.

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