Light of the Stereo

Light of the Stereo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“There ain’t no shame in just giving up and walking a way…” No Shame - Two Cow Garage.

Here is the dilemma. I have been writing about music for the last 8 years and haven’t gotten anywhere. It’s not that I thought I’d get rich or famous; I just wonder if I should keep banging my head against this same wall or get a clue and walk away.

I entered in to the world of music with the feeling as though it was my calling. I didn’t find it, it found me and it seemed that all my interests and skills were colliding into one great destiny as though it was truly a mission from God. I guess I should have known then because as with all missions from God, though quite rewarding they are never easy.

I began this journey writing reviews for an on line publication, was able to pick up low paying work with a local weekly paper, launched my own webzine , and even had a good paying position writing a column about opening acts. Encouraged by the early success I left a job I despised to pursue my new calling. It was the best thing I ever did, but as the years pass, it seems to get tougher with each new fumble. From unpredictable editors, unreliable hosting servers, and even my own personal obstacles it grows harder and harder to feel like the time I spend is worth the effort. I truly love writing about music and people seem to respect it as evidenced by the hit’s I still get on Google. But Google does not a man make.

So here I am to make a decision: muster up the strength to keep writing whatever may come or give up and stop chasing this ghost. Here’s the challenge though, if the next 300 days are to be the last steps of this strange adventure, then I want to go out with a bang and have devised 5 goals that I’d like to complete before the clock runs out. This blog will be my proof and those who read it my witness.

My goals are as follows:

1) Produce and post one album review a week for the rest of 2010. That’s 49 reviews in all.

2) Go record shopping with the artist Biz Markie and have him educate this poor white boy about the history of good hip hop and rap in 30 albums or less. During this time talk to him about the difference between making music as an artist and performer and playing music as a DJ.

3) Collaborate with my 8 year old Daughter on interview questions and arrange an interview with her favorite artist.

4) Sit down with individuals who are heads of their fields in music licensing and sonic branding to gain a better understanding of the changed face of these fields in the light of a world altered by technology and the rise of independent music.

5) Plan, organize and pitch an idea of a multi-city concert series to a major shoe company.

These goals have some meat to them and carry with them their own obstacles and pit falls but as with all things they are obtainable. So let’s get started.

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